Unbeatable ideas for low cost Valentine’s Day gifts

Unbeatable ideas for low cost Valentine’s Day gifts


Unbeatable ideas for low cost Valentine’s Day gifts

As couples around the world are only too well aware, Valentine’s Day is now just around the corner. If you’re yet to plan something special for your someone special and don’t have a big budget for big gestures, here are a few ideas that will wow your other half without putting a hole in your finances!

Frame a photo

These days, the vast majority of the photos we take never leave the screen. 

Instead of printing them out and placing them in albums, we generally store them on our phones or post them to social media. 

This makes real, physical photos that bit more special. So if you’ve got a photo of yourself with your loved one, why not print it out, pop it in a frame and create a thoughtful, affordable Valentine’s gift?

Create a personalised phone cover

If you want to go a step further, you can use your favourite romantic photos to create a completely unique case for your other half’s smartphone. Practical and thoughtful, creating a customised cover for your loved one’s device will show that you really care. 

Luckily for all those buddy Romeos and Juliets out there, personalised smartphone covers are affordable, easy to create and can be ordered right up to the last minute. 

Organise a day out

Instead of giving a physical gift this Valentine’s Day, why not think outside the box and give your partner a memory they’ll never forget instead?

Days out really don’t have to break the bank. Simply look out for free museums, galleries or events near you and plan your day around this. If you’re plucky enough to plan your Valentine’s Day outing on a bright, sunny day, it may even be warm enough for a quick outdoor picnic.

Bake a cake 

The way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach, a fact that makes a Valentine’s cake a fantastic romantic gift. Once you’ve baked the perfect sponge, decorate your cake to make it even more eye-catching. 

There are lots of cake icing tutorials available on sites like YouTube, so have a look round to find the perfect design for your romantic gift. 

The Mr Nutcase site is packed full of unique, stylish and practical gift ideas, so why not have a look around today and make this Valentine’s one that your other half will remember for all the right reasons?

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