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Which iPhone editing app is the best?


Photo By Julia Caesar

Its the world of photography and selfies, but what do you do when that picture could be awesome but it just needs some tweaks?!?.....You turn to a photo editing app, but search in the app store and hundreds come up!!!!! Which one is going to do what I need??? 

Because (lets face it) we are in the customising phone case business Mr Nutcase has taken some time and had a little peruse just for you and heres our top 3 photo editing apps:

ProCamera 8

ProCamera 8 is a fantastic addition to your iPhone. It includes so many functions. To name just a few: 

  • The protimer function helping you to capture a series of photos. You can use the protimer directly from the iPhone but it also has the ability to work remotely with the Apple Watch. 

  • The 3D Tiltmeter allows you to take perfectly straight photos no matter what orientation or angle you are using.

  • With the night camera you can capture sharp, noise free photos at night.

  • You can extend your iPhones zooming abilities with a 6x zoom.

As it is also an editing app you can use the ProLab function to enhance your photos once you have taken them. To use filters and effects on your photos you can use the ProFx option to change your filters with a single tap and to top it off you can crop and edit your photos to create pictures to go straight on to your favourite social media apps. 



Hipstamatic is one of the most popular iPhone photo apps and with good reason. It offers an easy and simple way to create amazing photos in a lot of different styles. Hipstamatic allows you to apply the effects at the time off taking the photo rather than after but once you get to grips with the different effects this could be a great time saver! The app allows you to mimic different lenses and flashes from modern and vintage cameras so you can take digital photos that really do look analog!!! You can instantly share your photos to your favourite social media sites.....AND!!!!! you can order prints straight from the app to be delivered to your door.



This is another photo app that you can take your photos with and edit them as well. It allows you to easily seperate the focus and exposure points so you have full control of your exposure settings. With this app you can also create a macro effect, although not the same as using a true macro lens it does a great job of extreme close ups used in macro photography. The app has an extensive choice of filters that you can preview without having to apply to your photo first and it even allows you to layer the filters and adjust intensity to create a truly remarkable image. 

  • To get the sharpest photos you can use the stabilizer to steady your phone.

  • An app that finally lets you use the front flash!!!

  • This app has a clarity option - it anazlysis your photo and makes adjustments to breathe life into your photos, those bad photos may not actually be bad anymore!!!


Take a look see which ones you prefer and let us know.  

Get snapping and create incredible photos that you will be proud to personalise you phone case with!!!!!

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