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Why Phone Covers Make The Perfect Quirky Gifts


Why Phone Covers Make The Perfect Quirky Gifts

Interesting, unusual and memorable, quirky gifts are great for birthdays, Christmases and other special occasions when you want to give something that’s just a little bit different. 

One unusual gift that everyone will love is a smartphone case. Useful, stylish and thoughtful, phone covers are the perfect choice for friends, relatives and loved ones with a quirky side to their personality. 


One of the main advantages of phone covers and cases is that they can be personalised. Using the tools on the Mr Nutcase site, you can upload photos and personalised designs and completely transform your gift. 

Adding a level of customisation to your phone cover will make it even quirkier and ensure that it’s a completely unique addition to your loved one’s present pile. 

Create Your Own Design

As all of our phone covers can be customised using the images and photos from your computer, it’s easy to create a design that is completely unique to you.

Whether you draw and scan a sketch or illustration or use photos to create a collage, it’s easy to create quirky gifts that are personal, stylish and completely unique

Practical Quirky Gifts

The thing that makes quirky gifts more than just novelty items is practicality. 

As phone covers help to protect handsets from accidental knocks, spills and drops, they are incredibly useful, especially if your loved one is prone to damaging their smartphone. 


Unlike many quirky gifts, phone covers are incredibly affordable. Even though they are made from strong, durable, high end materials, our cases are still available at consistently low prices. 

In fact, our products offer such good value, you can afford to buy a new case for every special occasion. 

Ever changing 

As each and every phone case is specifically designed for a different make and phone model, you can buy your loved one a new cover every time they get an upgrade. 

Though this may make your presents less of a surprise after a while, it does ensure that you’ll never run out of gift ideas ever again. 

To find out more about our fantastic range of phone covers and cases, or to start designing a product of your own, log on to the Mr Nutcase site where you’ll find a fantastic selection of templates, materials and products that are just waiting to be transformed into unique quirky gifts.

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