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10 times we could completely relate to bridget jones


10 times we could completely relate to Bridget Jones

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The Bridget Jones series of films are utterly hilarious, at times cringe-worthy but most certainly relatable. Whether you’re a teenage girl, a middle aged married woman or just about anyone in between, there is sure to be a Bridget Jones moment you can relate to. With the new film out now, we thought we’d take a look back at the previous movies and pick out the top ten moment we can all relate to. 

1. Hiding from the world in a blanket disguise

We all have days when we just want to hide from the world. Either a million things have gone wrong, you are feeling super tired or are just being plain anti-social. Whatever the cause of your duvet day, we can completely relate to the moment Bridget Jones hid from the world in her blanket burrito and ate a whole tub of ice-cream to herself. We know those feels Bridget, can we join you?  
Bridget Jones in Blanket

2. The makeup blunder

Okay, we are all well acquainted with bad hair days. But what about bad makeup days? They really are just as common. We’ve all experienced a time when our makeup hasn’t quite gone to plan. Maybe you woke up late for work and rushed to get ready or did your makeup in the back of a taxi on they way to date night. Yep, we’re no strangers to those lipstick on teeth, streaky foundation moments. That’s why this hands-over-eyes moment when Bridget turned up to an important event with a rather rushed makeup look had to make our list!
bridget jones bad makeup
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3. When your comfy pants are exposed

Sometimes we just need to wear our comfy pants. It’s no secret that every girl has a large variety of comfy, but quite frankly unsightly, undergarments. However, we never plan on anyone actually seeing theM. Perhaps you’ve left your spanx on the washing line whilst inviting friends round or a gust of wind has caught your skirt and exposed your Bridget Jones pants. Either way, we can completely relate to the moment Daniel discovered Bridgets not-so-sexy undergarments. Awkward.
bridget jones big pants

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4. When you get the dress code COMPLETELY wrong

We’ve all been the victim of massively misinterpreting the dress code. What does smasual mean anyway?! From completely under-dressing for a formal event, to going over the top at a fancy dress party, we’re all familiar with that terribly embarrassing moment. It’s okay though. As long as you didn’t get it as wrong as Bridget did when she turned up to a rather posh event in a skimpy bunny outfit. *Watches through fingers*.
bridget jones in bunny outfit
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5. Pyjamas. Wine. Music.

It’s okay to get drunk, on your own, in your pyjamas and sing into your hairbrush all night whilst your friends are out socialising, right? Well we think so. If Bridget can do it, than we can too. Whether you’ve had a stressful week at work or just want some me time, a bottle of wine, your favourite PJs and that movie soundtrack that makes you cry is sure to solve all your problems. Bridget, we feel you.
bridget jones in pyjamas

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6. Realising that beans on toast is the best your culinary skills can offer

At times, we’ve all thought we are a better cook then we actually are. You’ve seen every series of the bake off now so you’ll obviously be able to master that 5 tiered madeira cake, right? Unfortunately you realise it isn’t quite your bag and you’re much more suited to that packet mix you can pick up from your local store. But that isn’t before you’ve served up your terrible concoction to your important guests and completely embarrassed yourself. Bridget once again proved herself to be as human as the rest of us in that respect, although she did have Mr Darcy to save her!
bridget jones cooking
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7. Realising waxing your legs is a no go

We all remember the moment the Bridget seemed utterly confused with those wax strips and swiftly after experienced the terrible pain that comes with waxing your legs. That was all of us at one point too. Should these pain inflictors come with a warning on the packet? We think so!
bridget jones waxing legs
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8. Sending a passive aggressive email

Letting off steam can be great. Perhaps not when it’s channeled into an email to your boss though. We’ve all experienced a moment when we’ve snapped and sent an email that we’ve immediately regretted. Surely we should be able to retract emails by now? Don’t worry though, Bridget, along with the rest of us, has experienced this moment too.
bridget jones on computer
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9. Making friends in the most unexpected way

Hands up if you’ve made a new set of friends just by offering that girl in the toilets at the bar a chewing gum! We’ve all been there. Sometimes we make friends when we are completely unexpecting it. Maybe you offered your seat to someone on the train and you got talking, or you chose to go out of your way and sit next to someone new at a lecture. No matter how you met them, we all have at least one friend that came out of the blue. That’s why we totally relate to the moment  Bridget bonded with the women she was stuck in prison with.
bridget jones in prison
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10. Hating the scales

Like Bridget, most of us hate getting on the scales. I’m sure they never tell the truth anyway. If you’re anything like Bridget, you’ll avoid getting on the scales like the plague. After all, we don’t want to experience that moment when Bridget was completely shocked.
Have any other Bridget Jones moments that you can completely relate too? Get in touch on Twitter @MrNutcase and let us know!

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