10 Weird Things That Happen While Sleeping

10 Weird Things That Happen While Sleeping


10 Weird Things That Happen While Sleeping


Man sleeping - 10 weird things that happen when you're sleeping


There’s surprisingly an entire list of weird things that can happen when you’re sleeping and aside from the obvious of going Jackie Chan on someone and talking to a fellow sleeping or slightly freaked out but a very awake companion, here’s a few of the stuff that can happen.

Your temperature drops

The temperature of your body drops which acts as a signal for your brain so it knows that it’s time for bed. I guess that explains why it’s so cold at night! At least now you can tell your S.O  you have a legit reason for stealing the blanket! 

Feel like you’re falling

How many times have you been sleeping peacefully and all of a sudden you’re falling as if you’re soaring off a cliff? Yeah, me too! Turns out we’re not crazy after all. The sleep jerk or otherwise known as the hypnic jerk actually happens to 70% of people, so if you’ve ever felt like it only happens to you, you’re not alone! 

Muscle Paralysis

This probably sounds a little scary which is exactly why it’s weird. Our muscles get temporarily paralysed when we are in the last stage of the sleep (REM) cycle which is exactly what keeps us from acting out of our dreams. It’s not in no way fatal or as scary as Sleep Paralysis which is a known sleeping disorder but just something that happens to us all and actually happens without us realising! You can stop panicking now, guys! 

Restoration and growth

When you are in the deepest stage of the sleep cycle, your body produces a hormone called the human growth hormone or hgH which is absolutely necessary for our muscles and bones to grow for when we are young and repair and restoration for when you’ve stopped growing. I guess now we know why they call it beauty sleep!

You get a toxin cleanse and your kidneys slow down

A good reason to sleep the suggested hours is so our body can detox of all the bad toxins within our bodies. Our kidneys work each day and all day to release these toxins from our blood and produce urine as we sleep without needing to get up to go to the toilet. Which is exactly why our urine is darker when we wake up and why the majority of us feel a pressing need to go pee in the morning!

Blood pressure and heart rates drop

There's a reason for ensuring that those who suffer from high blood pressures need to sleep (at least seven hours), when you’re awake your body doesn’t need to work as hard as it does when we’re awake, causing the majority of our body to slow down.  This is why it’s so important for us to sleep and allow our bodies to rejuvenate. Our bodies really do nap! But don’t worry, our brains are still as active as ever (our brains are actually the most active when we’re sleeping).

Your throat gets narrower

Like a lot of things, our throat muscles relax when we’re sleeping causing our breathing to change as our throats to get narrow. Whilst some people’s throats only narrow slightly, some snore due to getting narrower than others.

 Your sense of smell stops working

I think after reading this we’ve all been given a new reason to make sure we have a smoke alarm in our homes! Because our sense of smell stops working, you won’t be able to smell the smoke as you would when you’re awake and active. Time to get a few hundred smoke detectors, I think!

You lose weight

Yep, you heard right. if only we maintained that weight loss during the day. Sigh. Whilst sleeping your body goes through the process of losing water through perspiring and breathing out humid air throughout the night. Which is why it’s said it’s best to weigh yourself in the morning after you’ve woken up!

You wake up constantly without realising

The rates vary between five to 15 times per hour and usually occurs when we go through a different part of the sleep cycle. More often than not, the awakenings so quick (a few seconds) that you’re not aware they happen or have any memory of waking up.

There are quite a few others not mentioned in this list but we’ll leave that for our own personal homework on sleeping habits! Happy sleeping!

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