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21st Birthday Ideas


21st Birthday Ideas 

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Every birthday is special but with the big 2 1 we often want to do that extra something more! So whether this is as something you want to do yourself with family or friends or if you’re looking for something to gift or do with the birthday person themselves, here are a great few 21st birthday ideas! 

Virgin Experiences

speed boat virgin experience day

(Source: Virgin Experience Days)

Come a big birthday equals a few good stories to tell in the future! Now we're all different so we're all naturally into different activities and events. Some of us look for the adrenaline rushed activities, some for relaxation and others look just look for plain old fun. VED offers one night escapes in beautiful hotels to thrilling and adrenaline filled formula 1 experience races and sky diving, there really is something to offer for everyone!


The Lourve in Paris, France

Take a just over two hour trip from London (via Eurostar) to Paris, France! Costs don’t break the bank and you can definitely count on enjoying yourself in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! From national monuments and landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to countless of restaurants and shopping places, France isn't just known for its romance but its heritage too, with many museums of its history to escape into. If you don’t feel up to travelling to Paris, well there’s countless of beautiful cities in the UK alone or maybe you’re feeling more daring and would like to give Vegas a go?

Time to relaaaax

People swimming at the Thermae Bath Spa at night

(Source: Thermae Bath Spa)

It’s your birthday and we all know that really means just a little extra special privileges for the one day! Going along those lines, it’s one of the only few times you can get away with completely pampering your yourself, so why not take a timeout for a spa day? From massages and saunas to hot springs and steam rooms, places like the Thermae Bath Spa is perfect! With options for different packages which include light snacks and meals, varying times throughout the day to the twilight hours as well as the choices to share or even hire the cross bath out for you and your group! As an event or just as a pampering session for the one person, the Thermae Bath Spa is a lovely place to just sit back and relax!

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