4 of the Top City Break Destinations

4 of the Top City Break Destinations


4 of the Top City Break Destinations

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Are you in need of a serious break but don't know where or if you have the time? If you don’t have time to take a week or two off work to get away, don’t worry you can still make perfect use of those couple of days left to spare! A long weekend escape into a beautiful city is the perfect way to let loose for a few days. Here are a few of the top city break destinations we have till date!

Berlin, Germany

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Germany’s Berlin has so much to do and has something on offer for everyone! From picturesque panoramic views of its capital city to urban exploring of seeing some of Berlin’s best graffiti art, you can even visit the Berlin Wall and War Memorial and lose yourself in its history. If that doesn’t appeal to you, Berlin has many pool bars or bars upon the rooftops of luxurious hotels, perfect for an exciting nighttime rush. Aside from tourist activities such as the walking tours and rides on the bicycle taxi’s, you can chill out on a relaxing river cruise and detox at a Bali spa to let your usual workload stress fade away whilst on your city break.

Las Vegas, United States of America

city break destination, las vegas strip

If you’re looking for a high, fast lane rush… Vegas is the perfect place for you and your city break! The Las Vegas Boulevard allows you to experience an electric night rush with its buzzing and lit casinos and clubs and taste the State’s barbeque themed infamous food with countless of places to dine at across the strip. With vintage shops downtown and the Neon Museum to visit filled with old Las Vegas signs to romantic gondola rides and thrilling, adrenaline-filled roller coasters at the Stratosphere Tower (Vegas’ tallest building) there is always something to do at every hour of the day providing many stories to tell in the future, or if not… well what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? 


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If you’re looking for a place to visit that will hold you captive from the first glance, futuristic Dubai is the place for you. With natural desert dunes and opulent clubs (providing a great nightlife experience), there isn’t much that doesn’t catch your eye. Home to the Palm Islands - the very impressively made manmade series of islands, and the world’s tallest building in the world, you can lose yourself in a world of luxury hotels and cars with the Mall of Emirates to visit which even includes an indoor ski slope made of real snow! There’s even relaxing beaches and art galleries in the scenic lands of Bastakia to see as you take a step into Dubai’s past life, witness how it matured into what it is today with plenty to do on your city break that’s ideal for any family, couple or group of friends. 

Barcelona, Spain

city break destinations - Barcelona, Spain

Picture this… golden, sun-kissed beaches which are just calling out your name to relax upon their equally warm sands to sink your feet into.  The city gives you another world for you to see with the serenity of their parks and surrealism of Gaudi’s architecture. Relax on the beaches or take a serene walk along the Barri Gotic, the Gothic Quarter filled with small stores and businesses or even take a trip out to see the phenomenal Montserrat mountain range.  After sunset, you can even taste some of the best Catalan cuisine in Barcelona’s finest bars and restaurants and show off your amazing dance skills in Barcelona’s buzzing bars. 

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