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4 Top Tips for Strava Users


Many aspects of modern life have been transformed by advances in mobile technology. New innovations have enabled people who cannot cook to prepare a delicious meal from scratch, and drivers who are unfamiliar with their surroundings can reach their destinations quickly. You can even design and make your own iPhone case without any previous creative experience. A boom in mobile exercise apps is also under way with many GPS-based programs concerned particularly with planning, tracking and comparing routes for running and cycling. Apps such as Runkeeper, Bike Hub and Strava all promise to keep you on track whilst cycling, with the latter introducing new features that are designed to improve the exercise regimes of those who like to train together and those who like to go solo.

Easy-to-Join Community

Strava can be integrated with a variety of portable GPS devices, including Garmin Edge, Soleus and Timex Run Trainer 2.0, as well as the iPhone and a range of Android phones. Certain custom phone cases make a smartphone easy to carry on a bicycle and can really make their owners look the part. The app’s simple and streamlined interface is ideal for operating from a bike seat, with users able to stream data from their route directly from their phone or later via strava.com. Users are able to compare their run with previous efforts along the same route or, for those who have friends who cycle and are spurred on by competition, against the efforts of other users. Leader boards are automatically created along popular routes, with many cyclists able to vastly improve their best times with the added incentive of competition.

Privacy and Protection:

The Privacy Policy section of Strava’s website declares their commitment to refraining from recording and sharing personal information unless absolutely necessary. Cases have reached the police of bike thieves targeting properties and lock-ups based on Strava data, so the ‘privacy zone’ function enables a user to block the exact start and end of rides from public data. Houses, offices and other places where a bike can be stored are erased from user data at the click of a mouse without compromising distance and average speed numbers.

Strava Premium:

The Strava app is free to download and use on various GPS devices, but for cyclists who want to take their exercise regime to the next level there is Strava Premium. For a small fee users can unlock a variety of features designed to assist those looking for further integration with the Strava community as well as lone cyclists. Premium users may set themselves new distance goals that can be monitored over a series of weeks, which can then be shared with like-minded cyclists who wish to improve together. Performance analysis becomes more detailed with the introduction of a power curve and custom heart rate zones which track exactly where on a route a cyclist is at their strongest and also when their performance dips. This information can be monitored and acted upon on future rides.

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