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4 unusual gift ideas


4 unusual gift ideas
Though any gift is a good gift, everyone gets a little bit bored of socks, calendars, chocolates and pyjamas after a while. Unusual gift ideas on the other hand can really liven up a special occasion and give the birthday boy or girl something to shout about. 
To make sure that your gift giving never goes stale, here are five interesting and affordable unusual gift ideas that your friends and loved ones are guaranteed to love. 
Though they might not seem like the most exciting gift around, plants are an interesting and long lasting way to show your friend or loved one that you care. 
To help your friend add an exotic touch to their home or garden, opt for a tropical plant like a palm tree, bird of paradise plant or an orchid. Alternatively, if you’re looking for gift ideas for a household looking to reduce their carbon footprint, why not invest in chilli plant or rosemary bush and add a little spice and flavour to their kitchen?
Personalised gift ideas
Gift ideas that show a personal touch are the perfect way to add a unique feel to your gift. 
Some of the easiest and most practical items to personalise are mugs. Useful, affordable and durable, a mug that you’ve customised using a few of your favourite photos will make a fantastic gift no matter what the occasion. 
Evenings out 
When it comes to birthdays and Christmases, most people instantly think about gift ideas that they can wrap up and hand over. However, a lot of people actually prefer presents that are less tangible like experience days and evenings out. 
Rather than spending money on a physical gift, why not plan an evening out and spend some quality together? From cooking a special meal for your friend or loved one to treating them to an evening at the theatre, there are lots of ways that you can show you care. 
Food hampers 
If there’s one thing that everyone loves, it’s good food. If you can’t come up with any gift ideas that you think your friend or loved one will like, invest in a food hamper full of their favourite foods for the big day. 
If you’re feeling creative, you can even throw in a few homemade treats like jam, chutney or indulgent chocolate brownies. 
For more unusual gift ideas, explore the Mr Nutcase site today or get in touch with a member of our team.

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