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5 Budget Ways To Decorate Your Uni Room


Hey freshers! Have you moved into your halls and realised your room doesn’t quite have that homely feeling? Or perhaps you’re waiting to move away and aren’t quite sure what to do to put your own stamp on things? Well listen up! When I first moved to uni, I found it difficult to know how to make my room more homely. After all, when you can’t paint the walls, change the curtains or move the furniture around, your options are limited. Not that your student budget would allow for such extravagant improvements anyway. Sigh. So I’ve put together a list of foolproof, budget satisfying, decoration ideas that are sure to brighten up your other wise dull university room. Trust me, they are cheap but extremely cheerful!
1. Hang your photos on string
It’s standard to take a whole bunch of photos with you when setting off to university. After all, they do help dull those feelings of homesickness. But don’t just stick them on your wall with blue tac. If not for any other reason, then you’ll definitely get fined for the marks the blue tac leaves or the paint it rips off the wall. Trust me, I’ve been there - oops! 
So why not hang your photos on string? A cross between your very own homemade bunting and what effectively is a photo washing line, this idea is bound to add some character to your room. Any craft shop will sell string and a variety of different coloured mini pegs that you can use to attach your photos. They shouldn’t break the bank either. You could even paint the string and add an extra splash of colour to your room.
photo bunting
Image Source: notonthehighstreet.com
2. Go mad for soft furnishings
Okay, this probably doesn’t sound cheap. But if you choose the right store, this method could really brighten up your room for well under £30. Go mad and get yourself a tonne of cushions, a couple of throws, blankets and maybe even a rug. Not only will they add a personal touch to your room but they will also make it super cosy! Which is great considering most university halls feel colder than when you step out of the shower in the winter with no towel…. Seriously.
Something you might not have thought about before, is buying personalised soft furnishings. Display your photos in a unique way and treat yourself to a personalised photo cushion. You can pick one up here for as little as £16. Not only will it make your room feel just like home, but it will have the faces of all your loved ones on too!
cushion front
3. Frame your photos with tape
Head of washi tape before? I hadn’t either until I desperately needed to add some life to my university room whilst also being on a budget. Framing your posters is a great way to add character to your dorm. But without breaking the bank or putting dozens of holes in your walls, getting wooden, plastic or metal frames is a no go.
Washi tape however, is a great way to frame your pictures whilst also avoiding holes and spending too much. It’s effectively sellotape but without the sticky residue and comes in hundreds of different patterns and colours. It’s sure to impress and at the end of the year when you come to move out, it will be as though there was never anything there!
washi tape frames
Image source: pixers.pl
4. Of course… Fairy lights!
If your budget is really limited, then rather than buying a lamp for your room - mix it up and grab yourself some fairy lights! Fairy lights come in a variety of different forms. From flowers to hearts and pac man to mini lanterns, there really will be some fairy lights that suit you down to a tee.
If you’d love to drape something around your room but fairy lights really isn’t your thing, then you could invest in some bunting. It’s super cheap to pick up and comes in a variety of different patterns and colours. If you wanted to fill some spare time, then you could even make your own!
fairy lights bedroom
Image source: lights4fun.co.uk
5. Jazz it up with storage boxes
You’re going to have to buy some form of box to transport your belongings to university, right? So why not spend a few extra pounds and buy those funky patterned, bright pink boxes that are so much prettier than the brown ones your mum wants to buy? When you get to university and unpack your things, you can reuse these boxes for decorative purposes and you won’t have to find the space to hide them away! You could make a bedside table with them, or use them on your desk to hold all your paperwork. There really is a lot you can do with a few boxes!
funky storage boxes
Image source: houzz.com
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