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5 Favourite Retro Classics To Play On Your Smartphone


Our 5 Favourite Retro Classics You Can Play On Your Smartphone

Some games are just classics. They may be old-school, but age hasn't weakened their quality or fun value. What age has done, however, is allowed many of them to be moved from PCs and home consoles to a portable tablet or even smartphone. Here are five classic games you should have on your mobile device.


Galaga is a space shooter and part of a genre that served as many people's introduction to gaming. It is widely and rightly regarded as a classic, first hitting screens in 1981. Now, more than 30 years on, Galaga is available for phones and tablets. It boasts 25 levels and has been updated with full-colour graphics while preserving the original retro gameplay.

Sonic CD

In the '90s, Sonic was massive. While many were saddened by Sega's exit from the console market following the failure of the underrated Dreamcast, it did benefit players in the sense that it allowed their mascot to take his excellent games on to all kinds of third-party devices. Sonic CD was released in 1993 on the Sega CD — not the best-known console and so not the most famous Sonic game. However, with its innovative mechanics and solid gameplay, this one is loved by retro connoisseurs.

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem is one of the grandfathers of the shooting genre. His own series sadly fell from grace when Duke Nukem Forever took, well, forever to come out. Nonetheless, his retro classics laid down many of the rules that modern first-person shooters abide by, influencing everything from Call of Duty to Unreal Tournament. His 1996 tour-de-force Duke Nukem 3D is a straight port with original vintage-era graphics, but bolted to a thoroughly modern touch control scheme.

Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin first came out in 1992 for Sega's acclaimed Mega Drive console (Sega Genesis in the US). You play as the titular Ecco, who, as you might easily guess, is a bottlenose dolphin. However, Ecco is no normal dolphin. He is a time-travelling super-dolphin who combats aliens that infest the Earth's oceans throughout history. Sounds like a B-movie, but it is in fact a true gaming classic which has now been ported to mobile devices.


Tetris! Does anything else even need to be said? The title is instantly recognisable, and every gamer knows that it's a classic. It has a simple yet ingenious premise, coupled with mechanics which may seem straightforward but have been polished to a glistening shine. From the concept of falling blocks, Tetris extracts difficulty, tension and frustrating addictiveness. Go and download it now! So there you have it. Mobiles and tablets are not just a way to keep in touch with friends and browse the internet — they are also portable retro arcades. All the more reason to keep them safe and protected. You might wish to invest in a custom case for your phone to keep it safe and, depending on the design, potentially give it a bit of retro design flavour. It is easy to invest in personalised iPhone 4S cases, for example, or to design your own iPhone 5C case.

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