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5 Great Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year. And no not just because of all the sweet treats. But because we get to dress up in not-so-fancy frocks for the day. Halloween is less than three weeks away now and if you plan on making a statement this year, it’s time you got organised. That means planning your costume way in advance. If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t want to go as a wicked witch or her pet feline this time around, then check out our awesome Halloween costume ideas for inspiration. By more inventive this year and really wow your friends.
1. Harley Quinn and the Joker
There perhaps isn’t a more fitting costume this year then dressing up as Harley Quinn or the Joker. With Suicide Squad proving to be such a success earlier this year, dressing up as some of the main characters seems like a no brainer. This costume idea is perfect if you and your partner plan on doing a couples costume, but it’ll be just as effective if you’re going solo. 
And your customer doesn’t have to break the bank either! If you have a white t-shirt, denim shorts and fishnet tights lying about then all you’ll need is some face paint and a bit of semi-permanent hair dye to perfect the harley quinn costume. Quite frankly if you can track down a long purple coat and manage to find yourself some green hairspray and a bunch of face paint, dressing up as the Joker shouldn’t be too difficult either.
harley quinn and the joker suicidé squad
Image source: comingsoon.net
2. Cruella De Vil and her dalmatians
Cruella De Vil might not not be a character synonymous with Halloween, but using her as inspiration is super cost effective and bound to impress your friends. Unless you are a skilled hairdresser who is confident in dying hair, you might need to find yourself a two toned wig. Although that shouldn’t be too hard at this time of year. Combine that with face paint, a black dress, long gloves and a fluffy coat/dalmatian shawl and you’ll be ready to go. The great thing about outfits like this is they can easily be transformed into group costumes. If you friends are brave enough then get them to dress up as dalmatians - this is sure to get a great reaction!
cruella de vil
Image source: Univision.com
3. Avatar
Okay, so an Avatar isn’t exactly scary - but it sure is impressive! This unisex Halloween costume idea is bound to impress your friends and family. There are plenty of places where you can buy Avatar bodysuits from. But if you want to save a bit of money and quite frankly, want to get creative, then creating your own Avatar costume is an option. You’ll need a tonne of blue body paint for the base and a slightly darker blue and white for detail. Accessorise with beads, string and feathers and wear blue or natural coloured clothing to complete the look. It isn’t exactly a budget halloween idea, but it sure is impressive.
Image source: saharasamay.com
4. Medusa

If you want to be completely different this year, then dressing up as greek mythology figure Medusa is a great idea. It isn’t cheap and will take a lot of work, but it’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd on Halloween night. You’ll need some green, white and brown face paints to give yourself an earthy effect and a green lengthy dress with gold accessories. To complete the look you’ll need to get yourself a selection of fake snakes and attach them into your hair. This can be tricky, so attaching them to a wig might be more appropriate. Plastic snakes, metal snakes or wooden snakes - you choose. But each are effective. If you want to make things easier, then buying your Medusa costume pre-made is an option. But the fun of halloween lies in making your own costume, right?
medusa costume
Image source: amiclubwear.com
5. The headless man
This idea is super cheap, but is sure to make you stand out. You’ll only need to customise a top to create the outfit. Simply cut hole at the front of your shirt and insert a mesh panel (this is where you’ll see from). Out of cardboard, make a fake shoulder panel that will sit on top or your head to ensure you can’t be seen. From this point, attach one end of a metal wire to your shirt and the other to a cap and/or sunglasses to give the illusion of an invisible head. And voila! You’ll be turning heads everywhere you go…
Halloween - awesome invisible man costume!
Image Source: pinterest.com
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