5 iOS 10 Hacks That Will Take You A Long Way

5 iOS 10 Hacks That Will Take You A Long Way


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With iOS 10 creating new fans every day and backlash with every other, it’s probably useful for us all to know some nifty little tricks that will help us out until iOS 11! So here are 5 iOS 10 hacks that will take you a long way!

Call Your Favourites From Lock Screen

We all get busy and can be in a rush from time to time. We can often find ourselves in situations where we also need to call someone very quickly, or maybe we just have those moments where we’re feeling lazy and wish there was a quicker to call someone without having to even unlock your phone. Luckily for all of us, iOS 10 makes this happen for us. 

This is all you have to do:

1. Set up your most frequently contacted up as your favourite within the contacts up.

2. After this, you simply go to the Today view from your lock screen, notification centre or home screen and click on the edit button.

3. From here, you simply rearrange the options to include “Favourite contacts”.

4. Now when you need to call one of your favourite contacts, simply call straight from the Today view. 

call from lock screen ios10

Safari Split View

Apple have taken a leaf  out of the Android handbook and have included a handy little trick in their new features. The Safari split view simply lets you open two windows at once. This means that where you may want to browse on Facebook for instance, you can also do your online shopping at the same time. 

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Simply hold down on the “Tabs” button or desired link

2. Select “Open Split View”

3. Enjoy using two tabs at once!

split view ios10

Optimised Storage For Music

If there is one thing or problem that every Apple user has faced, it is the lack of storage - or anything related. Now being able to delete stock apps in this update, Apple have furthered the capabilities of iO10 by allowing a new feature called Optimised Storage. By selecting this feature, you allow your iPhone to create more space for you.  Once you have decided how many GB you would like the music App to have, your iPhone will then start deleting old tracks you don’t listen to in order to optimise this storage space. 

All you have to do is select the settings for music under the general setting options and turn on “Optimised Storage”. Please note that this will only work if you have “iCloud Music Library” enabled.

optimised storage for apple music ios10

 Unlock Your iPhone Without Pressing Home Button

One of the complaints on iOS 10 was that you can no longer slide to unlock your device which can be annoying when you have to press your home button every time you would like to unlock your device. A helpful little trick is to go to your home button settings under general for the Touch ID settings and check the “rest finger to unlock” option. This simply allows you to touch your home button without having to press anything. Of course, this does only work if you have an iPhone that has Touch ID.

How to do this:

1. Open the “Settings” app

2. Click on “General”

3. Scroll to “Accessibility”

4. Click on “Home Button”

5. Check the “Rest To Unlock” option

rest to unlock ios10

Sharing Is Caring

iNotes is something that every iPhone user utilises and it’s not just because it’s a stock app. So it’s great that Apple have decided to blend in a basic collaboration feature. Where before you had the ability to be able to email particular notes, now you can share these notes directly with people, which is perfect if you’re sharing a to-do or shopping list!

How to do this:

1. Within the desired note, simply click on the collaboration button. (This is icon of a person with a + beside it)

2. On the mini pop up menu, click on the service/app you would like to share it to

3. From there you send it to the person you would like to share it with

4. The recipient simply accepts the note by clicking on the notification or message they receive


share notes ios10


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