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5 must have tablet apps for Android


5 must have tablet apps for Android

If your tablet computer is your constant companion, you probably already know that these pocket sized computers are incredibly powerful and practical as well as being petite. However, you may not know that it’s possible to make your tablet even more useful by installing a range of specially designed apps. 
Created specially for Android devices, these apps will transform your tablet into the Swiss pocketknife of the computer world. From helping you manage your life to syncing all your devices, these tailored apps will revolutionise your tablet experience. 
The ultimate Android to-do list, Wunderlist allows you to see your lists and edit your to-dos from a single screen. The app also makes it easy to share these lists with friends and family, so if you’re collaborating on a project at work or trying to organise a holiday with friends, you’ll be able to keep everyone in the loop quickly and easily. 

If you’ve already used Dropbox on your laptop or desktop, this Android version will be a welcome addition to your app arsenal. One of the easiest ways to share files with individuals and with multiple recipients, Dropbox allows you to upload photos, videos and other large files in moments. 
Google Docs
The tablet world has been crying out for an effective editing app for the last few years, and finally it seems Google are beginning to sit up and take notice. 
Though Google Docs is still more powerful when used online, the tablet app is becoming more useful and is especially practical when used on a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard attached. 
Pushbullet syncs all of your Android devices, helping them to feel like one and giving you access to all of your photos, videos and important information at the touch of a button. 
Simply sign up with Google and see your Whatsapp messages, texts, phone calls and other activity across all of your internet enabled devices. 
Google Now
Google Now comes automatically loaded onto most Android devices. If you haven’t discovered this handy app yet, it’s about to change your life. 
As you begin to use Google Now, the app will start to learn where you live and where you work. It will tell you how long it will take to get to the office, let you know about nearby restaurants and attractions and keep you updated on the weather, news and anything else Google thinks you should know. 
Loading up your tablet with apps is a fantastic way to get more out of your device. Why not download a few of these handy programmes and starting getting more out of your computer today?

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