5 simple most-used home automations you can do with your Smartphone

5 simple most-used home automations


5 simple most-used home automations you can do with your Smartphone

There is no doubt that with the right apps and tools in your Smartphone you can do lots more than just conventionally use it. Beside cameras, internet connectivity, file storage plus the right home automation apps, you can employ your phone in the smart manipulation of your home appliances. By implication, these home appliances will have some chips installed within their stainless or plastic bodies and as such they can communicate with each other and with your Smartphone through your Wi-Fi connectivity. See below for some of the simple most-used home appliances automations you can do with your phone.

Motion surveillance system

There are some unique applications that will enable you to install motion-activated, compact, and high-end security cameras which will help you to monitor movement around you vicinity. The cameras keep record of nothing but motions around your home. While you are in any part of the world, you can get alert via your Smartphone and equally watch live footage from your home. There is no doubt that with some home automation systems, you can control almost everything in your home from your phone.


Are you aware that some of the coffeemakers in the market are already programmed to respond to whatever manipulation you desire? Do you know Scanomat which is a leader in this trending technology? If you desire to begin your day with an expresso, you can opt to automate your coffeemaker to get you ready a steaming cup rather than trekking the length and breadth of your house just to start the switch before the coffee pot turns on. With your Smartphone, this is perfectly possible and very easy.

Smart Thermostat

Guess you must have heard about Nest, a great device created by developers of iPod. These guys brought to light a neat thermostat which has Wi-Fi plus iPhone application. By implication, you can control the temperature of your home from any part of the city. This app is very affordable. The beauty of this is that once you start using Nest, it will understand your schedule and program itself to ideally save some bucks on utilities. Thus, it will soon amaze you to realise that Nest will soon begin to automatically regulate when you are around or when you are out.

Pet Feeder

If your pet is carrying the burden of your tight schedule, you better think twice, or do you not like your pet? If you are too busy, there are some applications that can help you manage your tight schedule while giving your pet the essential feed for its proper growth. You can download some apps that can allow visual confirmation with a camera and remote food dispenser. Pintofeed is one of the feeders you can use your Smartphone to control feed-dispensing to your pet.

New Enhanced Lighting

With Philips smart light bulb you can control all the light bulbs in your house. Have you heard of Hue? If you want to save yourself the hassle of retrofitting new lamps or light switches, you may opt for Philips smart bulb. With these smart bulbs you can change colour of lights, its brightness, as well as turn it off or on.

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