5 Unique Gift Ideas for Teens

5 unique gift ideas for teens



Gift ideas for teens


Have a teen that’s heading off to university in September and want a unique gift to celebrate the occasion? Or know a teenager whose approaching a special birthday and looking for the perfect present for the celebration? Look no further. We know buying gifts for teens can be difficult, so we’ve put together a bunch of gift ideas for teens we’re sure your child, friend or loved one will be over the moon with.
It is hard to come across a teenager in this age that doesn’t own a piece of smart technology. From smartphones to iPads and iPods to laptops, teenagers are becoming increasingly tech savvy. So why not buy your teen a Personalised MacBook case that will help them keep their device protected?
We aren’t innocent of stuffing our MacBooks into our bags when rushing to and from work, university or college, so we know just how easily these devices can be damaged. However, with a personalised MacBook hard case from Mr Nutcase, your teens MacBook is guaranteed to stay looking as good as the day they received it. And the best part about it all? You can add a personal touch to make their MacBook completely unique to them. So why not treat a teen to a unique MacBook case today? Gift ideas for teens don’t get much better than this!
Gift ideas for teens
2. Experience days
Thinking of unique gift ideas for teens can be tricky. After all, by the time they have reached their middle teenage years, they seem to have everything they could need. So why not think outside the box and get the lucky teenager an experience they are bound to remember for years to come?
There are a large variety of experience days available online. If there is an event you can think of that your teen would love, there will almost certainly be an experience day to match it. From supercar driving to bungee jumping and spa days to high tea on the Thames, there really is something for everyone. With a unique experience day, you’ll never end up buying the same gift as someone else again!
gift ideas for teens
When a child reaches their teenage years, they really begin to show off their personality. From the clothes they wear to the look of their room, teens like to make a statement. So what better way to help them do this than with a personalised cushion that’s guaranteed to help their room stand out.
At Mr Nutcase, we offer a large range of personalised cushion options that your teen will love. With a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that the lucky teen will simply adore. Personalise a cushion using their favourite photos, colours and designs and put a smile on their face. Whatever the occasion, our unique cushions will make the perfect gift.
Gift ideas for teens
4. Sweet hamper
Gift ideas for teens don’t have to be extravagant. Sometimes the best gifts come in the most simple of forms. That’s why we think these simple sweet hampers make the perfect gifts for teens. There are plenty of places online where you can purchase these fun sweet hampers, but making them yourself allows you to tailor the hamper to suit the teens preferences.
All you have to do is buy a basket and fill it with the recipients favourite sweets, chocolates and goodies. You can even add in little extra gifts to make the hamper that bit more special. The great thing about these fun hampers is that they are perfect for teens, no matter the occasion. And you’ll have fun making them!
gift ideas for teens
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Teenagers practically live on their phones. From making calls to using social media, it’s unlikely you’ll see a teen without their phone for too long. So why not buy them a unique gift that is sure to help their device stand out whilst keeping it protected. 
At Mr Nutcase, we sell a great range of personalised phone cases to suit every device. From iPhone cases to Samsung cases and Nokia cases to Sony cases, we’re sure to have a case to suit everyone. Personalise the case using the lucky teens favourite photos, colours and designs and make their memories last forever!
Gift ideas for teens
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