5 Unique Personalised Baby Gifts That You Will Adore

5 Unique Personalised Baby Gifts That You Will Adore


 5 Unique Personalised Baby Gifts That You Will Adore

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Welcoming a baby into your life is something out of the world and so rewarding. They often bring joy (plus sleepless nights if you’re the parent), laughter and feelings of amazement while you watch them grow. But what they definitely are is priceless and special.

Most people think that finding personalised baby gifts would be fairly easy but to find something personalised baby gifts that are unique and something they can look back on forever can be a little harder… to make things easier for you, here are 5 unique personalised baby gifts that both you and your child will adore!

Wooden Name Train

wooden name train baby gift

Babies love colour. They also love to explore and be active which is exactly why this personalised name train is perfect! No matter whether your baby is a boy or girl, this unisex personalised baby gift is both fun and engaging, not to mention utterly unique! It’s a gift to remember and they will be sure to look at it in fondness. 

Personalised Baby Keepsake Blocks

keepsake blocks as a baby gift

Another thing kids love to play with is blocks, whether they’re lego cubes or educational squares, you generally can’t go wrong with this special set of keepsake building blocks. They’d be the perfect addition to a nursery room or even as a birthday gift! You get the option to personalise the wooden blocks with a location of birth, weight, a baby name and a message that will no doubt be both beautiful and thoughtful.

Child's Silver Expanding Bangle

personalised bangle as a baby gift

Lots of people have a single item they wear everyday because it really is that special that they would like to keep it close to them, other people may have that same item but prefer to wear it on occasions because they value it that much. This child’s silver expanding bangle is not only a keepsake gift but is a unique personalised baby gift that the special baby in your life can carry forever. Engrave it with a lovely message and they will not only hold it close to their hearts but will remember you everytime they look at it in the future.

Personalised Children’s Story Book

girl with book

Children are known for being imaginative and adventurous which is exactly why every child loves visual books that tell a story. This unique baby gift can be personalised to incorporate the child’s name in an adventurous tale where a the main character forgets their name and goes on a magical search to find out with the help of new friends along the way. It’s a perfect gift for some quality bonding time no matter the age of your baby.

Personalised Child High Tops

personalised shoes for baby gift

I’m sure we can all agree that a pair of shoes is something we all like to invest some money into for a nice pair. How many of us even remember our first pair of shoes ever? Something so seemingly small can be made so very unique. These personalised child high top’s can be kept for a lifetime and could even be a little sweet hand me down for future children! It’s a quirky and unique personalised baby gift that can be held dear to anyone. 

Looking for some unique personalised baby gifts isn’t too hard when you have a starting point with some ideas! You don’t even have to spend an excess amount of money if you didn’t want to, there’s plenty you’d find even while on a budget! For other cool procuts check out www.notonthehighstreet.com/ 

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