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6 Awesome Gifts For Her


6 awesome gifts for her

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Finding the perfect gift for the special woman in your life is no easy task, and often finding the best gift you could possibly find is overlooked when it comes to how difficult it can actually be. I mean, you could always get a generic gift such as a handbag but does that really show how much you appreciate her or does it seem like the “easy” option? So now, purely for that reason alone, you’re likely on the hunt for some awesome gifts for her! And lucky for you, I have some cool and quirky suggestions for you!

Peg String Lights

peg string lights

Nothing screams appreciation that a collection of your favourite photos and moments together hanged up on a string of lights. Not only can she gaze at them with love and feelings of reminiscence when she’s in bed, but it will show the effort you put into making it a nice present for her! All you have to do is get this beauty, figure out what images you both love and surprise her with the awesome gift hanged up in all its glory!

Selfie Light

selfie light

If there is one thing all women love to do (like most people) is take some awesome selfies whenever they’re out or feel a million pounds. What better than for her to get the optimum amount of help from her brand new selfie light to help aid her in some amazing snaps? Not only will she think of you when she looks at it or even when you both use it together, it doesn’t break the bank either! It’s the best of both worlds as it is cheap, fun and quirky. It’s great as a small gift to randomly give to make her smile or even as part of a collection of gifts.

Photo Coasters

photo coasters

A picture can say a thousand words and it is in this same fashion that they can tell a story of that time. If your special lady loves her morning tea or coffee, what better than to remind her of those special moments? This awesome set of 4 photo coasters is not only sweet but totally endearing too!  Watch her reminisce every morning, it can even be a great touch to the home decorations!

Personalised Mug

personalised mug

And just to go hand in hand with those cool but crazy sweet photo coasters, a matching personalised mug is the perfect match! You can take her back to those moments and watch her radiate with joy every time she is reminded of you and the collection of beautiful memories she can now souvenir. It’s more than likely to last a long time so this awesome gift for her you’ve given to her will be held close to her heart forever.

Watch and Ring Stand

watch and ring stand

If there is another thing that all women have at least a few articles of, it is jewelry. But for each or a few of our everyday wear or items of jewelry that are special to us, we want them to be kept separate from everything else. Which is exactly why this watch and ring stand is perfect. It’s minimal and simple allowing the jewelry to do the eye-catching but can be so very stunning when you get to personalise it with an engraved message. Sometimes words can be so impactful that they really do stay with us forever, this gift is awesome for putting a smile on her face time and time again!

World Map Scratch Print

world map scratch print

If we could all document one amazing thing that we have done in our life, a cool thing to document is the places in the world we have been to, have left our mark in or even places in the great big world that has left a mark upon us. This big and beautiful world map is made with bits of scratch paint so now she can not only scratch out the places she’s been but the places you have created great memories at together as well as all the places you plan to explore with each other. Nothing is sweeter than a gentle promise of future plans together. There is no doubt she will love something like this!

These are just a few of the awesome gifts for her you can get either as a small little gift here and there to treat her or in conjunction f with others. For other gift ideas, check out our blog!

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