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6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Loved Ones That Live Far Away


Christmas Gifts Ideas

There’s plenty of reasons why we all love Christmas. Maybe it’s the festive spirited atmosphere, shopping with a hot drink that steams up into the cold air… whether it’s seeing friends and family or even (and more excitingly) receiving gifts, there are some years where we don’t get to see some of our loved ones that live elsewhere. So here are some gift ideas for loved ones that live far away and won’t get to see this year.


Care Package


Christmas Present


If someone you love has just moved to another country or lives elsewhere, a care package is the perfect gift to create. You can either use a service such as http://sendacarepackage.com or even create one yourself. All you have to do is fill the package with some of their favourite foods and products that they can’t get themselves over there as a little treat and simply send it right to their doorstep! Even if they don’t live in another country but instead in another city, your thoughtful gift will no doubt still make them light up with joy!


Monthly Subscription


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A monthly subscription is a gift where your loved one can be reminded of how much you love them with every glance at the arrival every month or at every use and what’s better is that there is always a monthly subscription available that’ll be the perfect fit for everyone! If they’re crazy about food or even have a sweet tooth, a subscription for Chococo or allsubscriptionboxes is great. On the complete (fun) flipside, for a beauty guru/makeup lover, a beauty box subscription from birchbox is ideal and of course, for the sports lover, a monthly subscription to Sky Sports Live bundle packages will probably be a fantastic gift for them to receive!


Personalised Gifts


Christmas gifts


If there is one thing you can never go wrong with it is personalised gifts. It’s fantastic at every point of their year, whether it’s for birthdays or anniversaries, and more importantly, it’s a great gift idea for Christmas. At Mr Nutcase, we’ve got you covered from engraved gifts such as Swarovski crystal flutes to personalised bottles of wine! If you’re after a home gift, you’ve even got the option of glassware, calendars and cushions! For the football fanatic, a newspaper book of their favourite team is perfect and for your child or even artistic friend, there’s a great deal of activity books to browse from. The loved ones in your life can be reminded of how thought of they are and appreciate your considerate and unique gift as it arrives at their door step!




Gift card


Sometimes there is no better feeling than seeing someone special in your life happy and being a reason for their smile. A voucher to spend in their favourite store or taking care of them in a restaurant is a great treat! It’s a gift that may seem entirely simple but will definitely make someone feel pampered! This could even include experience day vouchers as a way to create new memories that will last a lifetime.


Custom Phone Case



One thing that we each use every day throughout our entire day is our mobile phones. We call our friends and family, browse our social medias, play games and record our special moments. A personalised phone case is an awesome way to create a collection of fond memories and brings those beautiful photos to life. So maybe you can’t be with one another on Christmas Day but in one sense, your memories and images of you and your loved one can be adorned onto their phone as we all enter a new year.


Name A Star




Naming a Star after their name is something that is so entirely unique. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s usually fit for every occasion in the year but perfect to gift at Christmas! Imagine receiving such a gift and looking past all of the Christmas lights and decoration that are lighting up the street, right up into the night sky to see stars… and then realise that one of them is yours gifted to you by someone special. It’s a sweet way to be there with that person all the time and definitely a gift to be cherished (and remembered) for a lifetime!


These are just 6 of many gift ideas for Christmas that are perfect for a loved one that lives far away. For other ideas for all occasions, take a look at our blog or head over to Twitter @MrNutcase to let us know your favourite’s and opinions!

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