7 Reasons To Love Autumn

7 Reasons To Love Autumn


7 reasons to love autumn with leaves


Now that our incredibly long (and unusually hot) summer has passed, Autumn has really begun to roll in and it’s arguably one of the best, if not the best, season of the year. It’s that transition period where the days are getting shorter and our nights much longer, right up to our lead up for a wintery Christmas. So just to remind us of why we all love Autumn so much, here is everything great about Autumn!




halloween carved pumpkins


I think one of the most obvious favoured aspects of Autumn is an action packed Halloween filled with fun and laughter. From carving out your own pumpkins to having every kind of pie possible and most fun of all… trick or treating! You can never be too old to go out to get some candy or dress up as someone else! It’s a season full of sweet stuff to devour so in all honesty, what season can beat that? 


Bonfire Night


Firework show through trees


Remember, remember!

The fifth of November… 

A rhyme that I’m sure no one can forget! Following Halloween comes Guy Fawkes or more commonly known as Bonfire night, which marks the anniversary of Gunpowder Plot. There’s some cool history behind it but not only that, it’s the best come down after having fun on a Halloween night out where you can just relax and enjoy some stunning firework displays. 

You can jump on some rides at the fairs nearby, have a nice hot drink and some classic hot food like fish and chips or a hot dog and enjoy your evening! 


Weather and Crunchy Leaves


boy playing with autumn leaves


Autumn is often where non-summer lovers breathe a huge sigh of relief and if you’re wondering why it’s because Autumn is the ideal optimum in how hot and cold the weather is. It’s the perfect weather where it’s not too hot as summer usually is but also not too cold like the upcoming winter will be. There’s a gentle breeze that doesn’t freeze you to death but instead is the type of air that has just the right amount of warmth to it. And the best part about it is the piles of crisp fall leaves that are the colour of every shade from red to orange and yellow to a classic green that fly around you in the wind and create a satisfying crunchy sound as you walk upon them.


Jumpers and Warm Clothes


Woman with jumper and boots


After Summer where you feel like you need to go shopping for an entire new wardrobe of thinner clothing, the idea of getting the chance to wear your coats and jumpers evokes a feeling of calm and comfort (and definitely a reason to go shopping for that new autumnal wardrobe ;)). Your favourite hoody can make an appearance, your robe can come back out the storage, you can treat yourself to a few too many pairs of fluffy socks and we can say goodbye to our flip flops and instead were some cosy boots outside or slippers as we curl up with a good book!


The Return of Hot Drinks


Lady stirring hot drink


Say goodbye to Mr Whippy’s ice cream and slush puppies and say welcome back to hot drinks. From Starbucks to Costa Coffee and the good ole’ classic: Pumpkin Spice Latte AKA the best drink ever (until Christmas drinks become available of course!) A hot drink is perfect for an evening or morning stroll through the colourful leaves with your loved ones or even as some quiet time by yourself! What could be better on a lovely Autumn's day?




canera placed on top of colourful leaves


One of the best parts of how beautiful Autumn is how many great opportunities you can grasp at taking some stunning candid shots. From pictures of leaves falling from trees to shots of your loved ones walking or even the amazing selfies you can take of yourself! Play around with the tones and layers of your photo and it’ll no doubt be an Instagram masterpiece! Can someone say #accamazing? 


Relaxed Nights In


steaming hot drink and blanket


Summer is all about doing as many activities as you can, to get as much sun as you can and just to make the most out of the summer heat as a whole. So it’s no surprise that you can be tired after a few weeks of exerting yourself which is exactly why Autumn comes in for us at the perfect time. Rather than feeling the need to go out often, this time of year allows us to make plans for the indoors too. Or just relaxing with no specific plans at all and curling up under your duvet covers with a good movie or book instead.

These are just a few of the highlights of this season, what are your favourite aspects of Autumn?

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