7 reasons why your cousins are your best friends

7 reasons why your cousins are the best friends you can have


From being a clumsy terrible toddler to becoming a fully fledged independent adult, your cousins have been by your side. Although being family means you have to stand by each other through thick and thin, the friendship you have built up would be sure to stand strong even without a genetical relation. So in case you have forgotten how great they really are, here are seven reasons why you cousins are truly your best friends.   
1. They are your longest friends
Whether you were the first born or the baby of the family, your cousins have been in your life for as long as you can remember. In fact, some of your earliest memories probably involve you playing with your cousins in the garden or getting up to mischief with them at your grandparents house. That being said, they are guaranteed to be your oldest friends. After all, they’ve stuck around this long so I doubt they’ll be running off anytime soon.
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2. They know just how crazy your family is
Introducing your friends to your crazy family is quite frankly pretty daunting. You just know your dad will say something to embarrass you or your mum will get out photos from your childhood that you tried to banish from your memory years ago. However with your cousins, you don’t have to face these issues. They’ve grown up in the same crazy family as you and know just what to expect when visiting your house.
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3. They make family gatherings much more bearable
As soon as you see your cousin walk into a family party, it’s a saving grace. There was only so long you could endure the awkward chat to your mum’s, second cousin’s husband about how you’re progressing in your career. They are essentially you're lucky escape route. And you know that it doesn’t matter whether you are at a family reunion in the pub down the road or at a family birthday party in the local village hall, your cousin will ensure you have a great time.
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4. You share some of the best childhood memories
Some of your favourite childhood memories will feature your cousins. Whether those memories are from a family caravan holiday in devon or simply a birthday party in your back garden, they were some of the best childhood memories you could’ve had. And it’s no coincidence that they are your favourite memories, your cousins ensured you always had a great time as a child.
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5. You can go months without seeing each other but nothing changes
As you get older and your lives get busier, you can go months without seeing your cousins. However as soon as you see them again, it’s as if nothing has changed. You are that comfortable with each other that you can find a million things to talk about even if you haven’t seen them in weeks. 
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6. They love you no matter what
The great thing about cousins is that they love you unconditionally. And with unconditional love comes no judgement. That means you can turn to them when you’re feeling angry, upset, excited or just a bit crazy and they’ll be there for you no matter what. They are great listeners, advisors and often know exactly what they need to do to cheer you up. 
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7. There is plenty of inside jokes

With families, there is often a lot of inside jokes. Jokes that your other friends simply wouldn’t understand. This is because they either involve other family members or situations that people outside of your family circle just wouldn’t find funny.

For someone to confide in, laugh with, chill with and cry on, there really is no one better then your cousin.

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