8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend

8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend



8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend

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How many things are they you can you would only ever really do with your best friend and no one else really apart from them? They're there through everything, just as you would be for them. So here are 8 things you only do with your besties!

“Let’s take a stupid Selfie!” - Her phone is also yours

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You can take and send endless amounts of the ugliest selfies without any shame and she’ll still think you’re the coolest person ever cause she does just the same thing. Their phone is essentially your selfie storage centre. 

She’s the one you can count on - in all honesty

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Your best friend (plus their phone) is the one person (place) you can turn to and expect full honesty. You look good? Expect them to praise you like crazy and be the first to comment on each of your pictures as moral support. Are you about to do something a bit mad? Expect them to rugby tackle you down to the floor to ensure you don’t do something stupid. 

The one you can secretly get sappy with...

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You can send a cringey but so entirely true, sappy quote you saw on Facebook to them in a moment of appreciation and know they won’t rip into you for it. And let’s be honest, these quotes are so true anyway, aren’t they? ;)

She’s the one you share every type of secret with...

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The movie nights you watch films you wouldn’t ever admit to watching and secretly enjoy (Yes, we’re talking about Twilight here) whilst stuffing your face with junk food is with this very same person and they totally back you up if anyone ever asks if you’re into those sorts of cheesy films. 

Battle of the voices

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Having an X-Factor battle to show off your amazing vocal skills (AKA screaming at the top of your lungs and pretending you're Mariah Carey) is definitely a thing you can only do with her. 

The one you can have every type of conversation with…

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You can go from laughing till your stomach hurts to the point you feel you’ve got a six pack to having the deepest of conversations because you know that they’ve always got your back and will totally understand you. 

The one who can be your counsellor…

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You can rant and vent at them for ages when something happens and you know they’ll listen, not just because they do the same to you but because they’ll be someone you can count on to share every feeling with. Besides, who else do you go to when someone annoys you and you need to let it out?

The one who you know will always be there…

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You don’t ever have to worry about them not being there when you’re at your worst because abandoning you has never been on their agenda and never will be. Whatever the time, problem or happiness, they’re always there for you. 

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