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Wacky and alternative uses for your ipad


A few years ago, making your latest technological buys stand out from the crowd was limited to buying the latest phone accessories. Today, however, you can also use the equipment itself to keep you on top of the style scale. You may already have the best customised cases for your phone and iPad, but how about using your tablet in some of the most unique and imaginative ways around?

Magnetic Appeal

Never be bored eating or cooking again by getting a mount that will turn your iPad into the coolest fridge magnet ever created. The mounts, such as those available from Think Geek, allow most iPad models to be attached safely to the fridge without the need for any tools, meaning that you can read recipes or watch your favourite film in the kitchen without having to clog up your worktops.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The children will never complain about having uneven slices of cake again thanks to iCut, which transforms your iPad into a digital cutting board. Just cover your tablet with the recommended wrapping sheets, tap in the number of people you want to serve, and pop your bread or cake on top. You can use the guides provided to cut the right size of pieces. You can also use the interactive features to change the individual piece sizes, meaning that it can be tailored to even the biggest of appetites.

Entertainment at the Push of a Button

If your high-maintenance cat is not satisfied with playing with a fake mouse or a piece of string, turn your iPad into the ultimate cat entertainment system. It is really entertaining for humans to watch too. There are many applications now available that will have your cats chasing mice, bugs, fish or laser dots around the screen. Provide your furry friend with hours of entertainment with the likes of Friskies Jitterbug, Cat Fishing, Cat Toys Lite, and the Catch the Mouse Cat Game.

Making Music

Check out the YouTube video of pianist Lang Lang playing a Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov classic to see the potential for iPads being used as musical instruments. The Chinese pianist’s version of Flight of the Bumblebee proves that there is nothing old-fashioned about learning to play the piano. If you like your music a little more up to date, however, the site also has clips of two iPads being used together by DJs instead of traditional decks.

A Driving Force in Entertainment

There is no need to have lots of separate remote controls for your range of executive toys — just use your iPad. As long as your model car, aeroplane, or helicopter is compatible, your iPad will be able to do everything that a traditional remote can do. There are many retailers across the internet that now advertise iPad-ready toys for sale.

Food for Thought

More and more restaurants across the world are now using iPads instead of traditional menus. These are not limited to telling you what you can eat or letting you dictate how you want your steak either, as there are menu apps out there that will choose the best meal for you based on your diet or even on what the weather is like. The internet is full of software suppliers specialising in tablet menus, so be prepared to see some in restaurants near you soon.

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