Acing your exams: Five must have study aids

Acing your exams: Five must have study aids


 Acing your exams: Five must have study aids

As every GCSE, AS Level, A Level or university student knows, the arrival of the Easter holidays means that exams are just around the corner. From the beginning of may to early July, schools, colleges and unis will be putting their students through their paces, with the results of the exams having a big impact on candidates’ future educational and career prospects. 

Though there is unfortunately no secret to exam success, there are some study aids that will help you to achieve your goals and realise your academic potential. 

1. Whiteboard

Whiteboards are incredibly useful study aids. You can use them to create revisions timetables, write out important notes and keeps track of your exam schedule. 

If you don’t yet have a whiteboard in your office or study area, invest in one now and maximise your study sessions. 

2. Colour coded stationery

Organisation is an essential part of productive revision. The better organised your notes and essays are, the easier they’ll be to digest and the more information you’ll take in. 

Colour coded page dividers, notebooks, folders and other pieces of stationery will make it easier to keep track of your study materials and stay on top of your schedule. 

3. A soundtrack 

Tests have shown that listening to a particular song or album when revising can help with recall come exam day. 

Though you may well get a bit sick of listening to the same album over and over again, putting a soundtrack on repeat really could help you to remember important nuggets of information at the critical moment. 

4. Fresh air 

Though you may feel like you can’t take any time off during revision time, in reality, no one can spend 24/7 studying and still be productive. 

Taking regular breaks from your books and computer screen during your study sessions will actually help the information to sink in, ensuring it’s there when you need it on exam day.  

5. A desk 

A comfortable desk and chair to work at will make studying infinitely easier. If you’re hunched over the kitchen table or working from your bed, you’ll end up cramped and aching before the study session is done. 

A good desk will also give you plenty of space to spread out, helping you to keep your notes ordered and your revision on track. 

With exams fast approaching, it’s time for students across the country to put their noses to the grindstone and get revising. Ensuring you have these five study aids to hand will help you to achieve your potential and do as well as possible when your exams roll around.

Mr Nutcase has lots of tips to help you excel in your studies so take a look around our site today for more useful information. 

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