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Android Or iPhone? Who Makes The Most Of Smartphone Technology?

One of the toughest decision faced by anyone interested in purchasing a new phone is choosing between Android and iPhone. This decision often revolves around which of the two makes the most of Smartphone technology and thus offers efficient functionality. While both offer remarkable features, they are not similar in certain respects. There are several factors you can consider in attempting to analyse this issue. However, we will limit it to few clear-cut differences that exist between the two.

Compatibility of Operating System

You can close your eyes and purchase an iPhone when it comes to Operating System compatibility. The reason is simple. Makers of Android are slow in updating their phones to Google’s latest Android OS releases, and at times fail completely. It’s believed that older phones will eventually have no support for latest OS. Apple’s support for older phones is so much better. For instance, iOS 8 is the current version which includes full support for iPhone 4S and for this simple reason, this latest version was installed on about fifty percent compatible devices within one week of its release. While Android 4.4 identified as Kit Kat runs on only twenty-five percent of Android devices after a year of its release. If you need latest and awesome bug fixes as soon as it’s out, then you will be opting for the iPhone.


The difference between iPhone and Android is not very evident in the hardware. Apple is the only firm that produces iPhone thereby affording it all the control over all its hardware and software. Google releases its Android software to several makers of phone: LG, Motorola, HTC and Samsung inclusive. This means an Android phone can have varying weight, features, quality, users, size and experience. Although, there are some issues surrounding iPhones, but low quality isn’t a topical issue. Apple offers users lone choice while iPhone has several versions. The variance does not exist here. The two firms tied. Some people may choose Android’s awesome choices while others may desire the quality and simplicity of iPhone.

Control And Selection Of Apps

As at September 2014, iPhone App store (1, 3000, 000 apps) offers fewer apps compared to Google Play (1, 500, 000 apps). One major difference is that Google’s benchmarks for Android are not strict while Apple is reputed for the nature of apps it allows and how it changes its policies. Developing for Android is quite expensive. Many developers are not comfortable with developing free apps for Android coupled with the difficulty of developing it for different phones. Developing for several numbers of devices and OS versions makes it difficult. Not all the best apps make it to Android because developers are discouraged by emphasis on free apps and will likely be faced with challenges of covering cost. Coupled with the above, major apps debut in iOS while the Android version only comes afterwards. It’s evident that Apple takes the lead when it comes to apps selection and control.

Screen Size

If you want a Smartphone with a big screen, Android is the best choice. This perhaps is in line with technological trends towards hybrid phones and tablet devices. Android was the first to offer the first phablets and continues this trend with the biggest options being 5.7-inch screen for example. Apple later joined the train with iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch screen. There is no doubt that Android is leading with screen size factor.

Continuous enhancement of Battery life

Great variations exist in Android’s battery because of the variety of hardware of Android phones. Initially, iPhone battery requires daily charging but this is no longer the case; one of such case is iPhone 6 Plus. Advanced hardware with battery-intensive apps and the large screen of Android phones used to drain battery life but that has almost become a tale. You can get Android phones that offer ultra-high capacity batteries, if bulk is not an issue with you; iPhone can even offer great phones with longer battery life. It’s wise to state that the two firms tied in consideration of battery life improvement. There are several other factors which you may decide to consider, gaming, childrens apps, etc. But the few stated above may give you a picture of the happenings in the two firms. You will observe that if one is good at one aspect, it may not be a leader in other aspects.

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