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Are phone sizes getting out of hand?


Are mobile phones to big ?

Several months after we ridiculed phabet, it will amaze you to realise that we have been moving in that direction all along without knowing it. Take a look at major Smartphone lines and you will observe a common pattern: screen sizes are getting bigger, from Android and HTC that kept pace with Samsung’s increasing screen sizes to Nokia which follows the trend with its Lumia line. You may be bugged with the same question: are phone sizes getting out of hand? Yes, the trend is evident. The question should be why are the phone sizes getting out of hand? Evidently, there is a great dilemma between rising screen sizes and portability which appears to the on the verge of precipice.

Technology advancement

Technological advancement is gearing towards consumer electronics which include Smartphone and tablets that offer simplicity of pure consumer electronics. As the efficiency and functionality of hardware and mobile apps continues to grow, we are beginning to experience the post-PC effect. The tablets have opened up the room for handsets to become more powerful than handsets, part of which came with better hardware capabilities including faster mobile broadband, vastly enhanced cameras and new low-powered sensors with more mature mobile apps and cloud services. Why are phones getting bigger? The current changes evident in the phone market are largely based on a handful of iconic phones which triggered the mini-revolution. There is overwhelming evidence that there might be lots of phones produced annually, but a few dominate sales and the headlines. Here is the rising trend of increasing screen size: from 5.2-inch LG G2, 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 5.9-inch HTC One Max, to 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega and 6.44-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra. And the trend may continue to grow to a tablet size of 7-inch, and even up to 12,2inches. You doubt it? The rising trend of increasing phone screen explains that Smartphone are turning into our primary computer. Thus, it is becoming clear that Smartphone has become the staple product that will one day replace personal computers. Since Smartphone is becoming the norms by becoming our primary devices, doing jobs which were once done on computers have become highly essential on smart devices with large screen sizes. We used phones to make calls, listen to music coupled with light browsing on bad mobile interfaces, today, the site interfaces to native apps is often designed primarily for mobile format. Smartphone has become a hybrid device boosting the way we interact across the globe. And a bigger screen allows a mobile device to serve all these functions, perhaps in a better way.

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