Are tablets and smartphones becoming a must have for all ages?

Are tablets and smartphones becoming a must have for all ages?


With the rise of the digital world in the past few years, owning a smartphone and/or tablet is almost essential to life. Studies show that children from as young as three years old are using a device on a daily basis to watch videos, play games and even access the internet when they want to. Take a look at how devices are being used by all ages today.

1. For safety- Obviously the number one reason to have a smartphone is being able to call someone in an emergency. It can take a lot of weight off a parents mind if their child has a working phone that they can use to call home if they’re out with their friends. Similarly, it offers adults security if they were to break down in their vehicle or happened to be in an unfamiliar area alone.

2. Keeping young kids entertained- Give a five year old a tablet with films and games that are ready at a click of a button and you have hours’ worth of peace. Throw in a pair of ear phones and upload a few of their favourite Disney films and they’re as happy as Larry. Two player games are also a great way of spending some quality time with your kids while they win over and over again.

3. Social media and apps- For teens and adults, social media and apps are two of the most important reasons for owning devices. We can’t seem to go a day without checking in, writing a status or uploading a picture. Apps like Whatsapp and Instagram allow teens to keep up with their friends, even if they haven’t got any money on their phones so their happy and their parents pockets aren’t constantly empty.

4. Schoolwork- Believe it or not, a lot of tablets are now being used as a convenient way of doing schoolwork. They are easy to carry around and when you have access to Microsoft Office packages, ways of taking down notes instantly and setting reminders, why wouldn’t you use them? In addition, if they have access to the internet, it’s much quicker to do research or look up something they don’t understand. Having said this, it’s obvious that smartphones and tablets are already a must have for all ages and they’re likely to become an even bigger part of our lives in the future.

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