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Are your Christmas gift ideas ready for the big day?


Make sure your Christmas gift ideas are ready for the big day
With so many presents to buy and things to do, it’s all too easy to let time get away from you and leave your most important festive gift buying to the last minute. As well as being a big disappointment for your friends and family, forgetting to make your Christmas gift ideas a reality will leave you looking red faced on the big day. 
To make sure that you’re not empty handed come Christmas morning, here’s a timeline to help you create, order and wrap all of your carefully selected presents in good time.  
Come up with Christmas gift ideas in November
Though November may seem a little early to start thinking about the festive season, it’s actually the perfect time to begin planning your Christmas gift ideas. 
Though you don’t really need to begin buying your gifts, November is the perfect time to start the process in your own head and come up with a few cracking Christmas gift ideas. 
If you do come up with a good idea, make sure that you write it down straight away so that you don’t forget it when it’s time to do your shopping. 
Early December
Early December is the perfect time to begin making your Christmas gift ideas a reality. 
Use these few weeks, before the panic sets in and the high street becomes packed with frenzied shoppers, to buy the bulk of your presents and order any gifts that you’re going to buy from the web. 
It’s important to remember that delivery times can be a lot slower in the run up to Christmas, so try to have all of your orders in place by the 15th at the latest. 
If you’re planning to create unique personalised gifts like customised phone covers or tablet computer cases, you may need to get your order in even earlier as it will take time to produce and deliver your product. 
Mid December
By mid December, you should ideally have purchased the majority of your Christmas gift ideas. If there are any gifts outstanding, now’s the time to head into town and pick them up. 
Mid December is also the time to buy your wrapping paper, tape, ribbons and other festive accessories. If you use your evenings to wrap your presents, you’ll prevent a big rush closer to the day and ensure that every gift is finished to the same high standards. 
Giving yourself plenty of time is the secret to a relaxed, happy and present-filled Christmas, so get planning now and make this year’s festive season one to remember.

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