BBQ on a budget: Money saving barbecue ideas

BBQ on a budget: Money saving barbecue ideas


With summer in full swing, the smell of barbecued meats is in the air. At Mr Nutcase we love nothing more than a BBQ on a sunny sunday afternoon. But if you’re anything like us, you know just how expensive it can be to invite everyone round for burgers in the garden. But don’t panic, using our money saving barbecue ideas you can be the host with the most without breaking the bank !

1. Make your own kebab skewers
Kebab skewers are a BBQ favourite. They go down well with both children and adults alike. However, buying them pre-made can be expensive and quite frankly, they never taste quite as good as homemade ones. So why not make your own?
All you have to do is buy your own meat, skewers and a mixture of vegetables. You can even marinate your meat to give it some extra flavour. The great thing about making your own is you can leave off the meat for those of your friends who might be vegetarians. Your money saving kebab skewers are guaranteed to go down a treat!
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2. Skip out the expensive meats
You might be spending more on a BBQ then you need to because you are buying all the wrong meats. Whilst you have probably been buying chicken breasts, meats off the bone are a lot more tasty and cook a lot better on a BBQ. They also cost a lot less, so it is a win-win situation. You can buy meat on the bone already marinated, but the money saving trick is to buy the meat plain and add your own flavour!
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3. Make plenty of side dishes 
Side dishes are great for barbecues. Cous cous, rice, salads, corn on the cob and potatoes are all guaranteed to be loved by your barbecue guests. The aren’t expensive to make, but are packed full of flavour to offer your guests an exciting alternative to meat. The best part is, you can fill your guests up on these dishes so they have less room for the more expensive meat options. It’s sneaky, but we’ll promise to keep your secret.
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4. Make your own marinades
You are obviously going to want to pack your meat full of flavour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more expense. You probably have plenty of ingredients stored away in your cupboards which you can make a delicious marinade with. There are plenty of money saving marinade recipes online which are worth hunting out.
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 5. Ask guests what they like 
Don’t try and guess what your guests like to eat at BBQ’s. You could end up buying lots of stuff that no one likes and end up wasting a lot of money. Dropping your guests a text before you go and do the BBQ shop  can be a great way to gage what they like to eat. I’m sure they’ll understand - they’ll probably even steal your idea for when they host!
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