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Best Android apps for 2016


Best Android apps for 2016 

Thanks to the sheer number of developers and technophiles out there, the number of high quality apps available for Android phones has exploded in the last few years. Users now have an almost infinite choice of free and paid apps at their fingertips, with a huge range of functions and capabilities available. 
As a result, choosing a new app for your Android phone can be daunting. To help you make the right choice, take a look at our pick of the most exciting and innovative Android apps on the market. 
More accurate and more stylish than the weather apps that come built into your Android phone, Morecast will help you be prepared for the weather every time. Its attractive interface makes the app a joy to use. It can even give you accurate weather predictions for a journey and allows you to compare the weather side by side in various destinations. 

7 Minute Workout 
Whether you want to drop a few dress sizes or simply get healthy and active, the 7 Minute Workout app could help. 
Focussing on short, high intensity workouts, this scientifically proven strategy helps you to shed the pounds quickly and efficiently. As the app doesn’t ask you for your height or weight, it can’t track your overall progress, however the simplicity of the workouts and easy to use nature of the app make it an ideal starting point for those at the beginning of their fitness journey. 
Mobile Security & Antivirus from Avast
With smartphones now home to more of our sensitive information that ever before, keeping your device safe and secure is incredibly important. The 
Mobile Security & Antivirus app from Avast will help to keep your device safe through its excellent virus detection software which can search through your browser history, microSD card and internal storage space. 
The app also boasts several anti-theft features including location tracking and remote data wipe, allowing you to prevent thieves getting their hands on your important information. 
Podcast Addict
If you want to liven up your daily commute or make waiting for the train that little bit more tolerable, Podcast Addict is the answer. Allowing you to find, download and order your podcasts, the app does everything you need it to and more. 
Podcast Addict will even tell you about upcoming podcasts and popular new releases, allowing you to discover brand new podcasts before everyone else. 
With so many exciting apps available for your smartphone, now’s the perfect time to get online, get downloading and make the most of your device.

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