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Best business apps for iPhone


iPhones have been among the most popular phones on the market for many years. Worthy of note is the slim-line form and their enormous variety of apps, along with the many iPhone cases available to change their look at the drop of the hat. The apps available make the iPhone popular among business users. Here are six of the most popular business apps for the iPhone.

1. Dropbox

When you use your phone for work, the ability to view documents on it is essential. Dropbox allows you to upload Word and Excel documents as well as photographs and PDFs from your computer. You can also save all the photographs that you take on your iPhone into a specified Dropbox folder. This is perfect if you want to be able to share your photos with colleagues or family, or if you just want to get them printed off. Most websites will recognise your Dropbox photos, whether you want to get them printed off to show your gran or to make some personalised phone cases for your business.

2. Skype

Skype can be invaluable, particularly for small businesses. If everyone in your business has Skype, you can use this free app for all of your phone calls, whether for speech alone or for video calls whenever you are connected to the internet. This can save your business a fortune on phone bills and if you speak to people abroad, it can be even more important.

3. Bloomberg Anywhere

If finance, the economy or the stock market is important to your work, this Bloomberg app can be a life-saver. You need never miss an important update again. You can log into your Bloomberg Professional account from your phone, and access real-time data and the same files that you have available through Bloomberg on your computer. You can also send and receive messages, view charts and legal documents and access customer support.

4. iBooks

This simple app is available free on every iPhone. If you use your phone for business, it can be really helpful. These days, documents are often produced in ebook format and this allows you to quickly and easily read any books. Additionally, you can download any book or document you like in the iBooks format, so that you can easily find it and go back to it whenever you need to. It is also great for commuting, you will never have dead-time on the train again.

5. FlightTrack Pro

This app quite simply allows you to track flights. You can get push alerts to let you know what's going on with your flight, get maps of the terminal or find out about delays due to the weather. It gives information on over 1400 airlines and over 3000 airports.

6. Timesheeter

This allows you to efficiently manage your time for projects and activities. It allows you to quickly and easily enter timesheet information. You can also edit and delete entries, and configure the app to suit your needs. You can also export your timesheet entries in various formats.

What's your favourite mobile app for business?

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