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Best fitness apps for smartphones

We’re so busy these days that fitting fitness into our schedule can be a task in itself but with the help of some of the fantastic fitness apps on the market today, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re the ultimate fitness pro or you just fancy doing a little bit here and there, you’ll find something to suit your pace. Here are some of the top fitness apps available right now:

1. Argus- The fitness app is for iOS devices and you can have it running constantly if you wish. It will help you to monitor your activity throughout the day, how many calories there are in what you’re eating and even how much sleep you’re getting.

2. Challenges by Nexercise- This app helps to make fitness much more fun for everyone. Suddenly you aren’t just tracking your own activities, you’re tracking your family and friends as well. It’s a challenge to see who can get the most points but the great news is, you can get points by doing things like housework, walking the dog and getting up early. Once you’ve reached a certain amount of points you can exchange them for real prizes!

3. Zombies, Run!- This app is great fun and it is highly motivational. What better reason to run is there than to save your life or the lives of others? With over 40 missions, it’s impossible to get bored of this app. As you can tell from the name, your aim is to run, as fast you can, to outrun the zombies chasing you. Slow down and it may just be the last thing you do. This app isn’t free like the two above but totally worth it.

4. Runtastic Six Pack Abs- This is one for the boys! Have you ever wished you knew what to do to get the six-pack you’ve always wanted? This app will take you through a 10 week programme that has been designed to build the body you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll be shown exactly what to do and you can adjust the level of difficulty to suit you. You’ll feel great when you’ve finished!

5. Carrot Fit- This app is suitable for Android and iOS and you may just find yourself with abs due to laughing so much. The hilarious fitness app will put you through a 7 minute work-out each day that includes commentary and bizarre work out commands. It’s definitely one for anyone that likes a laugh!

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