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Inspiring Birthday Box Ideas


It can prove difficult knowing what to buy someone for their birthday. Sometimes, you just can’t think of one stand out present that they would love. So why not buy your friend or family member a variety of smaller presents that you know they would adore and create them a unique birthday box? This way, you can create a one of a kind gift, full of their favourite items. If you are stuck for inspiration, we’ve created a list of birthday box ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients face. Check out our guide and create your own birthday box today.

Birthday box ideas: Choosing the contents

Step one: Choose their favourite confectionary items
As far as birthday box ideas go, this one is easy. Do they have a favourite sweet or a chocolate bar they particularly love? Then why not fill the box full of these sweet treats! It is super easy and cost effective to fill out their birthday box with sharing bags of their favourite confectionary. But if you want to go the extra mile, you could create their very own sweet jar, full of a mixture of their favourite candy. You can pick up sweet jars from a variety of high street shops and supermarkets and can even personalise the jar for added effect.
M&M's Chocolates in Bowl
Step two: Create a personalised mug
This birthday box idea is not only fun, but practical too. After all, if there is something you use everyday; it’s a mug. Creating a personalised mug is super easy and cost effective. In fact, you can personalise one here for as little as £5.95! Use your favourite photos of the recipient and yourself or simply upload images the recipient loves to create a personalised mug that they will adore. This gift is guaranteed to make the recipients morning coffee that bit sweeter.
White desk with a cup of coffee and mobile phone
Step three: Treat them to their favourite beverage
So you’ve bought the birthday girl/boy a mug which they are bound to love; why not get them their favourite beverage to put in it? If they are a coffee lover, you could buy them some specialised coffee beans and make their morning coffee that bit better. Or if they are a tea fanatic, you could treat them to some unusually flavoured tea bags that are bound to impress them. There are many other beverages you could choose instead. From fizzy drinks to their favourite tipple, this birthday box idea can work for everyone. 
Coffee Beans
Step four: Say it with stationary
Stationary isn’t an obvious choice for birthday gifts. But who isn’t happy with a brand new notepad or some sparkly new pens? Most of us begrudge paying for beautiful, but quite frankly overpriced, stationary; so receiving it as a gift is bound to please the recipient. You could buy them a new notepad in their favourite colour or pattern, or even customise one with their name. Other stationery birthday box ideas could include a selection of funky pens, a selection of brightly coloured sticky notes, or you could even create them a mini emergency stationary kit.
Step five: Create a unique phone case
In this day in age, who doesn’t have a phone? It is unlikely you’ll see someone walking down the street without one in their hand. Although these devices are easily damaged, most of us do not get round to buying a protective case. So why not buy one for the birthday girl/boy? Personalising a phone case is a great way to showcase their favourite memories whilst keeping in mind the practicality of the gift. A personalised phone case doesn’t have to break the bank either. In fact, you can pick one up here for £14.95.


personalised phone case


Birthday Box Ideas: Creating the box

Step 1: Find yourself a box
This part is easy. Simply find yourself a suitable box, big enough to fit all the items in. You don’t even have to buy one. An old, unused cardboard box that you have lying around your home will do the trick. You’ll be decorating it in the next step, so as long as it’s sturdy it will work! You can however buy a box if you’d prefer. Plenty of craft shops will have them.
Man Wearing Maroon Long Sleeve Shirt Standing Near Table
Step 2: Decorate the box
Decorate the box in a way that perfectly suits the recipient. You could use a variety of photos, wrapping papers, bows, strings, bunting, glitter or just about anything you deem appropriate to stick on. The good thing about creating your own birthday box is you can personalise it to suit the recipient's personality.
birthday, christmas, gifts

Step 3: Fill the box up
Make the box look pretty inside by lining it. You can stuff the box full of funky coloured tissue paper, shredded paper or shreds of tinsel to make the box look that extra bit special! It will also fill the gaps between your chosen gifts and ensure they reach the recipient in one piece.
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