10 things you'll only recognise if your were born in the 90s

10 things you’ll only recognise if you were born in the 90s


Calling all 90s babies! So it’s throwback thursday today and we thought what better way to celebrate than to take a look at all the things you could possibly only understand if you were born (or grew up) in this dungaree wearing, britpop loving generation. Get ready, this one will be nostalgic.


1. Panda pops

Perhaps the best drink of your childhood, Panda Pops were amazing. If you didn’t ever get your hands on one, then just imagine your favourite sweet in liquid form. I’m pretty sure the Panda Pop was made up of purely E numbers, but that didn’t stop us buying one with our pocket money every week!
Bottle of Panda Pop
Image source: twicsy.com

2. Jelly shoes

Although jelly shoes have made a comeback in recent years, they will never seem as cool as they did back in the 90s. Perhaps it was the combination of jelly shoes with white frilly socks and baggy dungarees that gave them the edge over today's remake of the shoe.
Pink and purple jelly shoes
Image source: collegecandy.com

3. Recorder

I’m not sure why, but it seemed compulsory that we all learnt how to play the recorder at school. Teachers would force you to play the instrument as though it would help improve your education somehow and you just couldn’t fathom out why. However, most of us jumped at the first opportunity to give it up; having only learnt the famous ‘Hot Cross Buns’. 
Image source: loveyourguitar.com

4. WordArt

Children born after the 90s will never understand that the best part about going on the household computer was to play with the funky WordArt options. Writing your’s and your bestfriend’s name in that wavy rainbow writing to stick on your bedroom door was the extent to how exciting using the computer got. After all, you had one computer per family and you only got to use it for 30 minutes a day! Time well spent I say.
Word Art
Image source: homeandlearn.co.uk

5. The Nokia

Asking a 90s baby if they remeber 'that Nokia phone’, is like asking an ice cream man if he sells whippys. Of course they do! Despite Nokia having a range of phones, ‘that Nokia’ was the only phone worth having when we were young. It was more then likley based on the fact that it was the first phone to have the game ‘Snake’ and we are not ashamed about that!
Old nokia phones
Image source: techradar.com

6. Toe socks

Having normal socks wasn’t good enough for us 90s babies. In fact, it seems as though we loved gloves so much that we decided to create a pair for our feet. Despite the fact that they were perhaps the most uncomfortable item of clothing I have ever suffered, they were a wardrobe staple for every 90s born girl. After all, you have to suffer for fashion - right?
Rainbow toe socks
Image source: kjbeckett.com

7. Turkey Twizzlers

Turkey Twizzlers were detested by nutritionists but adored by children. After banning them from being sold due to their lack of nutritional content, it’s safe to say that popular TV chef Jamie Oliver became not so popular TV chef Jamie Oliver. Well, at least with children anyway. 
Turkey Twizzlers
Image source: wherecanibuya.co.uk

8. Toys in cereal boxes

Do you remember getting back from food shopping with your parents and opening the cereal box straight away to see which toy you got? I sure do! Although, there was a bit of argy-bargy with your siblings to see who could get the toy first. It’s amazing how so much squabbling was created over a tiny bit of plastic that would be forgotten about an hour later.

Toys from cereal boxes

Image source: dailyedge.ie

9. Tamagotchi

If your parents were like mine and wouldn’t let you have a pet, getting a Tamagotchi seemed like the next best option. Quite frankly, the Tamagotchi was so popular that it didn’t matter if you already had a pet or not. We spent so much time feeding and caring for our digital pet, just for them to be forgotten about a few years later. My guess is that there are a lot of hungry Tamagotchis craving our attention right now.
Image source: istockphoto.com

10. This selection of great TV shows

Childrens TV shows in the 90s seemed so much better. I’m not sure if that’s me being biased or if the likes of the Teletubbies and the Rugrats really do give Peppa Pig and Hannah Montana a run for their money. Either way, 90s TV shows were awesome!
collection of tv shows from the 90's
Image source: pinterest.com

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