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Boys vs Girls. Who use their phone more?


Girls in the seven to fifteen years old age group are more likely to have a mobile phone than boys, according to new research. Girls are also more likely to have laptops and MP3 players than boys, who are more likely to own desktop computers which they use for gaming. Quite simply girls are drawn to gadgets with which they can communicate with other girls, while boys prefer gadgets they can use for entertainment: games or watching videos.



Who uses their phone the most, boys or girls?

Well, the answer seems to be that both sexes use their phones a great deal, but girls are in the lead. Nearly half of all girls in the seven to fifteen age group use their phones every day compared to just a third of boys. However, both younger and older boys seem to check their email more often than girls, listen to music more, and spend far more time playing video game apps. Girls, on the other hand, text and chat on their phones a lot more than boys and send pictures and videos to their friends more frequently. Older girls are more likely to go on the internet with their phones too, even though similar numbers of both sexes in the fourteen to seventeen years old age group own mobile phones. This trend continues when we look at older men and women. Women over the age of 60 send far more pictures and texts than their male counterparts, 48 per cent more in fact. This could be because they have adopted the mobile phone culture more readily than their partners and the gap will lessen for future generations. On the other hand, perhaps men lose interest in sending videos and pictures to their friends as they get older. Women are more likely to send pictures of family and friends. Boys and younger men favour funny or shocking pictures and videos, a habit they appear to grow out of. Younger men tend to use their phones for watching sport and playing games. Preferred games for men tend to be those which are against the clock such as Tetris. Women like game playing too, but seem to prefer games that are not time restricted. Word games appeal more to women than men it seems too, and juvenile, rude games appeal to younger males. No surprise there then!

Personalising your phone

If more girls are using mobile phones than boys, why do so many of the latest mobile phones appeal to the masculine eye? Most phones, particularly in the Samsung and Blackberry ranges are black, sleek, butch affairs and not particularly girl friendly in any way. Yes, iPhone and Sony do phones in a rainbow of colours but these are not in everyone's price range, particularly that of younger girls. No wonder then that personalised phone cases are becoming increasingly popular. These are cases that the buyer has individualised by adding a design or photo of their own choosing. Cases have been with us for a long while, and in a world where so many phones look more or less identical, it is not surprising that they sell well, appealing to girls in particular. Individualised phone cases take it a step further by allowing the owner to add their own photo and text, and even perhaps their name.

So what's your take, who uses their smartphone more; boys or girls?

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