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Can Your Cat Predict These 4 Things?


Anyone who has ever owned a cat (or any pet for that matter) knows that they can get up to some rather peculiar behaviour. All cat owners have witnessed, on multiple occasions, our cats hissing at absolutely nothing in the dead of night - which can totally freak us out!

This behaviour, however, may work to our advantage in some situations. Some have linked strange feline behaviour to the ability to predict the future. This may sound a tad crazy at first but bear with us...




1 The Weather

Folklore states that when cats clean behind their ears that it’s a sign of rain. Similarly, if a cat sneezes it means that it’s going to rain, well, cats and dogs.

It may seem that there’s limited truth to this, however there have been some historical investigations. In 1883 predecessor to the U.S. National Weather Service Lieutenant Dunwoody was asked to create something similar to the Farmers Almanac.

Well, instead of creating some kind of complicated mathematical equation, he observed the behaviour of animals. When he gathered together his research he actually found that the behaviour of cats was more reliable in predicting the weather than other animals.

Petition for a weather channel only featuring odd cat behaviour?

2 Your Mood

Now this theory is a little bit more tricky to delve into. It’s a well known fact that cats, in most cases, like to keep themselves to themselves and are a lot more elusive with their affection than dogs.

However, we’re probably not giving cats the credit they deserve in this sense. According to BBC Earth, new research suggests that cats can tell when we’re happy and are sensitive to human emotional gestures.

This may not be as cute as it seems. Humans are more likely to give their cat a treat when they’re happy. So when their owner is happy, the cat thinks they’re getting a treat. Typical, eh?

3 Earthquakes

Firstly, just take a look at this gif:



This poor kitty got the spook of her lifetime just seconds before an earthquake broke out. And it doesn’t seem like a coincidence.


There’s no concrete evidence in cats being able to predict earthquakes but it looks like they may be able to feel the movement of the earth moments before us humans do.

4 Pregnancy

Throughout time, there’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not our feline friends can sense whether a woman is pregnant even before she takes a test.

Many women have noticed that their cat begins to act differently as a pregnancy progresses. Cats are sensitive animals that pick up on our pheromones. Cats have been known to act both more affectionate or rambunctious towards pregnancy pheramones.

Your furry babies can get rather jealous of your human babies so make sure you give them attention if they become envious of your newborn.

Well there we have it. Your cat is psychic. (Maybe).

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