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Creative ways to use your smart phone underground


A smartphone is an all-in-one device and ideal for keeping you entertained on long journeys. The problem comes when you're using the Underground. Without internet service, you suddenly can't browse the web, watch online videos, or see what's happening on your social networks. Of course, there are always eBook readers and games to keep you entertained. But there are also a number of more creative and interesting ways you can put your smartphone to good use whilst underground.

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Travelling With Smartphones

It is important to keep your phone safe from damage when using it in transit. There are plenty of phone cases and phone covers on the market, providing an easy, yet invaluable way to protect your phone.

Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary is a great way to improve your language skills and can be a fascinating way to relive your day-to-day experiences further down the line. The problem is, with the busy lives we lead today, many people find it hard to make time to keep a diary. If you've ever wanted to keep a diary and failed to find time, a daily underground commute is a great opportunity. You're cut off from the internet, which provides most of the digital distractions we usually face. But you can still type in either a simple note or a dedicated diary-keeping app. Filling in a diary entry can not only help pass the time, but prove a richly rewarding experience.

Learn a Skill

A number of apps are aimed at helping you learn. In particular, there are plenty of language-learning and vocabulary-boosting apps out there. But there are also apps to help you learn about crafts, computer programming, and a wealth of other skills. Many of these apps do not require internet access and will work perfectly on the Underground. If you go on the Underground every day as part of your commute to work, this can add up to quite a bit of time every week. If that time is poured into learning a new skill, you can soon find yourself with a range of new talents. All of these come without the need to find time for an evening class or part-time course.

Train Your Brain

A range of apps are aimed at improving your mental skills. For example, there are apps to train your memory, attention to detail and observational skills, or lateral thinking. Using these apps can not only help to improve your skills, and, therefore, your performance at work and with hobbies, in the short term, but keeps your mind sharp in the future as you get older. Taking just a short period of time every day to train your brain can have big benefits, so why not use the time you spend on the Underground? This makes it easy to fit into your schedule and gives you a reliable slot in your routine so that you are unlikely to forget about it. After all, your Facebook feed will have to wait until you are back on street level anyway.

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