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How Do I Avoid Those Nasty Data Roaming Charges On Holiday?

Are you aware you may get a shock of data roaming charges amounting to a whooping sum of £5,858 phone bill on your return trip abroad? This was exactly what happened to Claude Douglas from Aldershot who spoke to Watchdog on BBC. In fact, you can incur up to $62,000, the same amount which a US holidaymaker racked up for downloading the film Wall-E while on holiday in Mexico. Roaming charges can threaten your trip even as you upload photos to Facebook, download work emails, etc. How can you save yourself from this shocking realisation of data roaming bill? It appears there would be a respite with the new EU roaming regulations which stipulates that data roaming charges amounts to €0.45 (around 38p) per MB of data, (excluding VAT). This value can accumulate if you go on downloading 3MB PowerPoint presentations, checking street maps, etc. What’s the way out?

Proper Preparation

The first and one of the best ways to manage data roaming bill is adequate preparation. This means that you need to verify data roaming charges of the country of your interest and confirm data bundles and packages before you proceed with your trip. You may get a print out of local maps containing places of interest you will visit. You can download Google Maps for your location of interest before leaving. Plan calls and sending text and ensure that you put off your data roaming before leaving. Importantly, try as much as you can to live within your allowance.

Your location is crucial

The best thing to do is to minimise heaving activities especially online since there is a price cap on data roaming charges in the European Union and findings have shown that this can even go higher outside Europe. According to Uswitch, the following price tags apply to these associated activities in Turkey: £171 for using Google Maps per one hour per day; £1,995 for streaming videos per an hour per day; £57 for uploading 6 photos to Facebook and 15 minutes browsing per day; £133 for live text sport updates per an hour. Equipping yourself with this information will go a long way to help you minimise data roaming charges.

Purchase local SIM card

You may want to purchase local pay-as-you-go SIM card in your country of interest, but you need to ensure that you do not lock your phone to a particular network. Another important tip to try is to take advantage of free wi-fi in airports, hotels and cafes. Ensure that you turn of data roaming on your device. The onus lies on you to guard yourself against becoming a victim of data roaming bill shock.

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