DIY Valentine Gifts - that even a man can't deny secretly liking

DIY Valentine Gifts - that even the man in your life won’t deny secretly liking


 DIY Valentine’s Gifts (that even man in your life won’t deny secretly liking)




Valentines meal prep

We often get told that we have to spend lots on Valentine’s and we can often get presents like personalised watches for your man or a personalised bracelet for your woman, which is great but here are some ideas that made by yours truly (you)! Make this year’s present even more special.

Remember When…


What’s better than reminiscing? A handmade jar filled with memories is not only endearing but fun too!

Open When…

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This is something that plenty of people have done before but even so, it’ll be completely new and unique to your loved one. It’ll be personal to both of you and will show just how special they are to you. Who wouldn’t appreciate the time and effort spent in making that?

Date Jar


If you’re looking for something that’s a little more outgoing and that will be more for the both of you, why not create a date jar? Each time you go on a date you can pick a suggestion out the jar. It’ll be like a little game that’s thrilling for the two of you!

Coupon Book



Cute and easy! Create a printable coupon booklet that they can use whenever they feel like it. Just like a get me out of jail free card but craftier because you get to choose how you want to treat them!

Scratch Card


If you don’t want to create an entire booklet, why not create your very own scratch card instead? Love Lottery, here we come!

Game Jar


Along similar lines, you can create a jar filled with either notes, lyrics, quotes or games that your S.O. can open each day! It’ll be entirely unique to what you want them to read and how you will brighten their day each day! Change it up to what you feel fits best whether that’s with new categories to spice it up or a single one.

Valentine’s Game

rules for a valentines game

If you’re into the game idea but don’t have enough time to plan for a long-term game, why not create a game that’s centred purely around Valentine's Day itself? Whether it’s a hunt or clues for a gift or activity, you can create something that’s exciting for you both, not to mention memorable!

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