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Do I need an expensive Smartphone?


Should I buy an expensive Smartphone?

If you are contemplating of buying expensive Smartphone without justified reasons, you need to read this post. Gone are the days we spend hundreds of dollars—$199 or $649 with a two year contract to get and use reliable Smartphone that can run current apps. There are solid affordable phones.

Why do you need expensive Smartphone?

 Are you interested in expensive Smartphone because you want to feel belonged or because someone has it and you desire to make such purchases? You really need to be a smart consumer. We do not mean that expensive phones are not valuable. They are very valuable especially with their sharpest screens, fastest hardware and newest features. Trust us, they are not compulsory. One major problem of using cheap phones in time past is that the phone’s CPU can’t even keep up with its interface, and you would observe that cameras were almost unusable, lacking in updates and with dragging web-scroll. Such phones were very slow and limited in its functionality. Do you believe cheap Smartphone offer bad experience? The truth is that sub-standard phones with laggy interface and slow functionality have been pushed out of the market but modern affordable phones. For instance, Motorola’s fresh Moto G which has a spacious of 5-inch display costs only $179. It runs the latest version of Android. In fact, Ars Technica found the camera of Moto G to be as remarkable as iPhone 4S which commands $450. Another great stuff is that its CPU is found to be as powerful as Samsung Galaxy S3. This is just a clear case of cheap phone with great camera, latest version of Android, run all Android apps with great performance. You can equally opt for Moto E, though with different spec, it only costs $129.What about Nokia Lumia 520 which you can get at about $100 and without any contract? Kindly note that we are not recommending you buy Nokia Lumia 520 or Moto G. We cited them as a conventional option from last year which has proven the need for caution in spending---that you don’t need expensive phone of $600 to get all the latest functionality of modern phones.

Shop Around !

Do well to shop around and make your choice. You must be a smart consumer by refusing to get locked in a monthly plan you don’t need. Must you join large carriers to pay at least $30/month per data plan for a right to use Smartphone on a network when this is not connected with subsidy of your phone? There is no doubt that a Smartphone is a powerful mini-computer with which you might want to use to take notes, stet reminders, take pictures, read books, listen to music and play games. Whatever is the reason you need it, you don’t have to spend arms and legs to get these functionalities. Take your time and you will get affordable phones.

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