Everything you need to know about the new Snapchat!

Everything you need to know about the new snapchat update!



Everything you need to know about the new Snapchat!

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Snapchatters, we’re calling for you! If you’re like me you’re probably wondering what update and how an earth it changed! One minute your phone is put down, the next you’re that bored or tired that you decide to actually check out some stories… and things are different! Or maybe you’re that clued into the latest news that you’re already ten steps ahead of all of us. So if that’s you, help us out by commenting on everything I’ve missed, or if you’re like me, sit back and read the latest changes to this ever changing dynamic app!

Let me just call you, quick

Snapchat Audio Call

Snapchat has taken a leaf out of WhatsApp’s books and has introduced audio calling! So if you’re can’t be bothered to type out a message on snapchat and go through that dreadful and long process of holding down on each message just to save it in your chat history… take a quick tap on the phone icon and life has been made easy for you!

Cba to call? Voice notes are the way!

Snapchat voice note

If calling is really that long for you too or you really don’t have the time to talk but you still can’t be bothered to type? Snapchat has now introduced audio notes! An improvement indeed, Snapchat is quickly moving up in the world, despite the horrid look of the app.

Live Chats has never been made better until now…

snapchat live chat

Unlike WhatsApp, Snapchat made the leap to video chats a long time ago but is now said to be even better with a brand new feel of video calling! We often get people banging on (admittedly me, sometimes) about how FaceTime is just for Apple users and there’s nothing for Android users to use with Apple (unless you count Skype - which honestly in my opinion will be out of business the minute WhatsApp do take the leap) well Snapchat has provided the perfect solution for the time being! Get calling your friends and let us know what you think about it!

So here’s the deal. You get three options, join, watch or ignore; the latter being obvious. Joining in means actually having a proper convo. Watch is your own personal live stream of some sorts which would be entirely between the two of you! The person “watching” can comment by sending messages on the other end, just as if you were talking to them via text chat. 

snapchat video chat minimize

The best part? You get the option to have further video-calling features! Want to go small screen quick while you look at your messages with them? Simply swipe down to go back to a small circle (which you will see as the call is going through) and back up again to get back to a full screen mode. The new video calling is more intuitive than ever!

‘I can’t even deal…’

snapchat video notes

Ever been in a conversation where you find something out and you just wish the other person saw your reaction and sometimes not even a gif can cover your back for you... Snapchat has upped their game by introducing video notes! So next time you find out your favourite couple broke up or some other hot topic news, record a short video! It’ll last up to ten seconds (nothing new for us) and is just like a gif, except with sound! So now your reaction can be in a loop too!

Cba to type it? Snapchat’s new stickers probably have your back!

snapchat stickers

Admittedly the stickers are a little… well out there (to put it nicely) or rather not even all that (to be a little more realistic) however, it’s definitely something that can be improved upon. It does add that extra touch of fun! 

Maybe now that Snapchat have added stickers, they’ll finally update their emoji stickers on snaps and add the video features Apple has to Android to make it even! What are your thoughts on the new update?

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