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Festive Fashion for your hands and feet!


Festive Fashion for your hands and feet! 

With warm winter coats covering your body from head to toe, your options for accessorising your festive look and adding colour to your outfit are limited. 
One of the best ways to bring a bit of personality to your winter wardrobe is to invest in a few pairs of stylish gloves for when you’re out and about and a few pairs of characterful socks for when you’re home. Bright, bold and full of character, festive socks and gloves will help make you stand out from the crowd even on the coldest winter days. 
Mittens are among the warmest and cosiest gloves you can buy. Keeping all of your fingers nice and snug, they make the most of your body heat to help keep your digits toasty.
There are lots of different types of mittens out there, most of which are made out of insulating materials and designed to protect your hands from the worst of the cold. If you need to be able to use your smartphone when wearing your mittens, opt for a set with a removable finger cover.  
Touch screen gloves 
If you can’t go more than a few minutes without checking your phone, it’s probably a good idea to go for a set of gloves that can be used with touchscreens. 
Available online and in high street shops, smart gloves allow you to text, scroll and take photos while keeping your fingers warm and toasty. 
To help protect your phone from rain, sleet and snow, invest in a water resistant cover for your device. Made in a variety of durable materials, phone covers can help to prevent accidental damage during the winter months. 

Festive socks 
When you’re not out and about, one of the best ways to add a festive touch to your outfit is to wear a pair of eye-catching Christmas socks. Available in a huge array of styles, it’s easy to find a pair of festive socks to suit your look. 
As Christmas socks are available in a huge variety of different themes, they also make great presents. If you have a friend or loved one who’s obsessed with Star Wars, One Direction or Justin Bieber, you can indulge their passion and help them keep their feet warm with a pair of themed festive socks. 
Slippers have to be the ultimate festive fashion accessory. Warm, bold and full of character, they’ll help you to transform your look when you’re entertaining at home or relaxing with family. 
Like socks, slippers are available in a huge variety of styles, making it easy to find the pair that suits your look perfectly. 
For more festive fashion and gift ideas, take a look around the Mr Nutcase site.

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