Five reasons why a protective cover is an iPhone essential

Five reasons why a protective cover is an iPhone essential


Five reasons why a protective cover is an iPhone essential

Though we may be biased, we believe that a protective cover is an absolute essential for any iPhone. Helping to keep it safe and ensuring it stays looking good for as long as possible, a specially designed protective cover is an iPhone’s best friend.

If you’re still not convinced that a phone cover is for you, here are five very convincing reasons why a protective cover should be top of your wish list. 

1. Scratches

If you keep your handset in your pocket or bag, your keys, coins and other belongings can easily damage the delicate surface of your smartphone. 

As well as making your iPhone look old and tired, any scratches you pick up will bring down the resale value of your device. If you were planning to sell your handset and make a bit of money at the end of your contract, keeping it in pristine condition will help you get more cash for your smartphone. 

2. Dents

Like scratches, dents can easily happen accidently while your iPhone is in your pocket or bag. Dropping your phone or knocking it off a table or chair will also probably put a dent in its body, causing your handset to look old before its time. 

A protective cover will go a long way to preventing accidental dents, ensuring your phone stays looking as good as new. 

3. Cracks 

As well as causing dents, drops and knocks can also cause your iPhone screen to crack or shatter. This is because the shock waves resulting from the fall pass through the rigid body of your phone, shattering the screen and causing internal damage. 

As a cover will partly absorb the impact of a drop or knock, it will help to prevent your screen from cracking or shattering. 

4. Dust

As iPhones aren’t dust resistant, small particles can build up inside your headphone jack, charger port and even inside your camera. Over time, this dust will begin to damage your phone, preventing it from working as well as it should. 

Though a cover won’t keep all dust out, it will go a long way towards protecting your device from excess wear and tear. 

5. Aesthetics

Last but not least, a customised cover will do wonders for the aesthetics of your iPhone. Sleek and stylish, investing in one of our eye-catching customised covers is the perfect way to protect your phone and ensure it looks great all of the time. 

There's plenty of variety on our website should you wish to make your own phone case. Check out our brands page to see if we have a case for your smartphone. 

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