Five Unusual Gifts for Men

Five Unusual Gifts for Men


 Five Unusual Gifts for Men

Though most men appreciate socks, books, ties and pants, occasionally it’s nice to have an alternative to traditional ‘man gifts’ and open a present that’s just a little bit different. 

As well as giving the man in your life a break from pretending to love novelty socks, unusual gifts for men will give your husband, son, brother or father something that they can genuinely get excited about. 

1. Smartphone Cover 

If the man is your life loves nothing more than spending hours looking at apps, surfing the web and chatting with friends on their smartphone, why not buy them a specially made cover and help them to keep their device safe and secure. 

Available in leather, moulded plastic and polycarbonate, phone cases can be customised using photos, illustrations or graphics to make them even more unique.

2. Indulgent Unusual Gifts for Men

Though many men would bulk at the idea of visiting a spa, once they are there and being pampered, almost all men will love a day of indulgence. 

Whether you book your loved one in for a whole weekend of facials, massages and treatments or just buy them an afternoon of pampering, trips to the spa make exciting and unusual gifts for men.

3. Zombie Experience 

If you want to give your man a day out but want something a little more action-packed, a zombie experience could be the perfect solution. 

A fantastic choice for anyone looking for unusual gifts for men who have always fancied themselves as action heroes, these adrenaline pumping days are available in centres across the country. 

4. Jedi Bathrobe 

If your husband, brother, dad or son is more into Sci-Fi than zombies, why not buy them their very own Jedi bathrobe?

The perfect excuse for a few bedtime Yoda impressions, this affordable bathroom accessory is ideal for Star Wars fans everywhere.


5. Camping Stove with Phone Charger 

Outdoor presents always make interesting and unusual gifts for men and this high tech camping stove is no different. 

Compact and stylish, this stove can cook your evening meal and charge your phone at the same time, all through the power of fire. 

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for men that will really stand out from the crowd, the Mr Nutcase site has lots to choose from. To find out more, explore our online shop or get in touch with a friendly member of our team today.

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