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Fresh iPhone Rumours: What are Apple up to?


Apple may have gained credit for reshaping the smartphone market in its own image, but it has also been accused of stagnating in recent years. While its rivals push on with ever larger devices boasting quad- or even octo-core chipsets and 1080p HD screens, the iPhone range has arguably played it safe. It grudgingly made the leap to a five-inch screen in 2012, introduced a fingerprint scanner in 2013 and yet still lacks NFC for contactless payments. And the Retina Display technology is looking very long in the tooth by this point. But 2014 is sure to be a year of major upheaval, as the latest reports indicate that Apple will be launching two new iPhone ranges, with different screen sizes and the latest version of iOS on hand to shake things up a bit. So what can we expect from Apple in the coming months and will the iPhone 5S really be superseded so significantly?

Big-Screen Dreams

At the upper end of the size spectrum, Apple is reported to be taking on tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note range with the launch of a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 model, according to Apple Insider. Industry analysts are quoted as saying that this big-screen phone will be joined in the autumn by a smaller model with a 4.7 inch screen. This will of course be significantly larger than the 4 inch panel found on the iPhone 5S, putting it much closer to models such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 when it comes to area. Custom iPhone cases which are compatible with the 5S will of course need to be replaced if you upgrade, because Apple will not be able to constrain the new devices within the same physical proportions as its predecessor.

Processing Prowess

In terms of hardware under the skin, the new A8 system chip with 1GB of RAM is on the cards. This will tie in with the 64-bit capabilities of its predecessor, as well as continuing to support TouchID for fingerprint recognition. The biggest addition will be NFC, which will help the iPhone 6 family to finally catch up with the rest of the market and let people open up a new world of short-range interactivity.

Camera Facts

While the screen and processor are getting a major boost, Apple is apparently thinking of sticking with the eight-megapixel sensor resolution for the iPhone 6’s primary camera. Photography will be given a little boost thanks to a couple of fresh features, such as optical image stabilisation rather than a system which is reliant on software to enhance clarity, but the aperture will apparently be identical to that of the iPhone 5S. Apple is said to be planning on an autumn launch for the new iPhone models, with September likely to fit the window of international release. There is also talk of the iPhone 5C being phased out due to relatively poor sales performance, while the iPhone 5S will become a more affordable option following the upgrade.

A new iPhone model is released annually and to hear about the latest news, check out our smartphone news page!

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