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Since mobile phones burst on to the market, people have been looking at ways to make them more personal. One of the easiest and most interesting ways to do this is to change the case. For animal lovers, there is an incredible array of phone covers depicting all manner of critters in all kinds of styles. If you can't find one you like, though, why not create your own?

Taking Your Pet with You

Much as a proud parent takes a photo of their children around with them, pet lovers appreciate a reminder of the happy face waiting to greet them at the end of the day. Unlike photos, personalised phone cases are something you see a bit more often, so putting a photo of your pet on your phone is a lovely way to see them through the day. Of course, if your favourite animal is a pigmy hippo or a meerkat then it's unlikely to live with you, but if you're lucky enough to have taken photos at the zoo (or on holiday) then they make brilliant phone covers too.

Personal Style

How best to capture the awesomeness that is your pet? There are websites that allow you to upload and arrange your photos, adding text and clip art too if the mood takes you. The personalised phone cases that these produce are of course unique, but it's worth having a think about the photos you upload. They need to be of relatively good quality so that they look great when printed on a case. They should also reflect the tone and style you like. Perhaps you might love the current trend for close-ups of animal faces, or maybe an action shot of the animal you love doing its thing. Maybe a special moment you managed to capture on camera might be ideal. With a case that allows multiple pictures you could add all three! If you're uploading multiple pictures make sure the backgrounds complement each other too.

Phone covers are a great way to inject a little personality and fun into a useful item, stopping it from looking just like everyone else's. You can get some really awesome cases today. Some of the best cases, though, are personalised ones. No one else has them and they can reflect you and your interests perfectly. For those of us who love our pets, or have a favourite non-pet animal, a personalised animal phone case is the ultimate in both beauty and practicality. It's a little reminder of the best things in life every time you use your phone.  

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