Gifts for Teenagers

Gifts for Teenagers


Gift ideas for teenagers 

Unless you’re one yourself, finding an exciting gift for a teenager can be all but impossible. Their interests are often niche and specific and their dislikes broad and uncompromising. 
If you’ve got a teenage child, sibling, niece or nephew with a birthday coming up and are stuck for gift ideas, here’s a little inspiration to help get your present buying up and running. 

Smartphone cover
If there’s one thing that every teenager loves, it’s their smartphone. A present that will enhance or protect their device will always be welcome, especially if it’s customised to suit their style and their personality. 
Luckily for gift givers out there, creating a customised smartphone cover is quick and easy. Simply log on to the Mr Nutcase site, select the make and model of your loved one’s phone, upload your images, drop them into your chosen template and you’re ready to go. 
Gig tickets
With gig tickets becoming more and more expensive, they are now often out of reach for many teenagers. If you know for certain that your loved one is a big fan of a certain band or singer, a pair of tickets to an up coming concert will make a fantastic birthday present. 
If you’re not sure which bands your loved one likes, ask their friends what’s hot and what’s not. There’s nothing worse than getting a teenager tickets to see a band that’s not cool, so make sure you do your research before you buy. 
If you can’t think of anything at all to buy your teenage relative, money is always a good fallback option. Though it may not seem very thoughtful to give cold, hard cash, most teenagers will really appreciate the money and it means that they can buy themselves something that they actually want. 
An alternative to giving money is giving a voucher. Find out which shops or brands your teenage loved one likes and give them a voucher with enough cash to buy themselves something special. 
Again, it’s important you do your research before buying the voucher as, if you choose a shop or brand they don’t have any interest in, your money will be down the toilet. 
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