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How Facebook celebrated its 10th years of age?


When The Facebook debuted just over ten years ago, it was a site designed to help people at Harvard connect with each other. Quickly spreading across higher education establishments and then into high schools, not to mention dropping the definitive article, Mark Zuckerberg's creation went global to become the social media giant we all know so well.

Changes over time

Users of Facebook quickly learned to accept the changes that would be made to the user interface over time. In fact, countless revisions have been met with howls of derision from the user base, before the changes were accepted as normal. Looking back at the interface from 2006 or so, it becomes clear that the changes were certainly warranted, as the previous incarnations look somewhat primitive compared to the current site. A big change to Facebook happened in 2008, when Apple launched the App Store. Facebook were very much early adopters of the smartphone market, and their apps across all platforms are possibly the most downloaded of all time. In the same year, the chat function was also launched, providing Facebook with instant messaging capabilities.

Do you like it?

It is interesting to note that one of the most used features of Facebook was only introduced in 2009. The like button allows users to simply like posts, statuses and pages. Anyone who has been sent a flurry of birthday messages has reaped the benefits of the like button, as it gives them the means to respond to each message without needing to type each individual reply. The use of a like button has also caused many to call over the years for a dislike button, but this button kind of goes against the positivity and collaboration that Facebook has been built on. The past few years have seen the introduction of the timeline, and the news feed. Elements from sites such as Twitter and Instagram have been borrowed and adapted to fit with the needs of Facebook's user base. As time progressed, the changes to the interface have generally been smaller and more subtle, with the complaints becoming fewer and further between in response to the refinements. Of course it could just be that users have become so accustomed to change that they are just adapting.

A very special anniversary

As the first of the social networks to reach double figures it was always expected that Facebook would do something special to mark the occasion. The Facebook Movie was an idea created by the social network to allow its users to become the centre of the celebration. Rather than explaining to users how the network has changed over the decade, or providing information about user growth and other company-centric statistics, Facebook created a bespoke video for each of their users highlighting a range of well liked and commented statuses from their time with the network. In many videos, statuses about the birth of children, weddings, engagements and other life changing events rubbed shoulders with witty observations and holiday snaps. We do wonder what the next social media birthday celebration will be like! Here's to the next ten years!

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