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How to choose the perfect new home gifts


How to choose the perfect new home gifts
With Christmas just over the horizon, new home owners across the country will be rushing to get those boxes packed, moved and unpacked before the festive season begins in earnest. 
If you have friends or relatives who are upping sticks and moving all of their worldly possessions to a brand new address, here are a few ideas for gifts that will help to make their new property feel like home. 
Practical new home gifts
After all the stresses and strains of a move, the last thing new homeowners want is a new ornament or decorative piece that they need to find a place for. 
Instead of investing in a model of a house, a bunch of flowers or a houseplant, try choosing new home gifts that will actually be useful. If your friends enjoy a nice cup of tea at the end of a long, hard day, why not give them their very own personalised mug? Practical and thoughtful, a commemorative mug is the perfect gift with which to mark the special occasion. 
Buying a new house is a big deal for anyone so show your friends that you care about their achievement by investing in new home gifts that are thoughtful and personal. 
Instead of simply giving your friends a mug, use the tools on the Mr Nutcase site to create a personalised mug complete with photos and even the date of their move. 
Alternatively, you could opt for new home gifts that will help your friends to keep their valuables safe during the upheaval. Things like phone covers and tablet computer cases are perfect as they can be personalised in order to commemorate the event and will help to prevent knocks, drops and spills from damaging your friends’ devices. 
As well as being thoughtful and practical, personalised mugs, phone covers and computer cases also make original new home gifts. 
Even if someone else does decide to get the new homeowners a customised gift, the photos, graphic design and drawings that you use will still ensure that your presents stand out from the crowd. 
Thanks to their practicality and originality, personalised phone covers, computer cases and mugs make fantastic new home gifts. The perfect way to welcome your friends to their brand new property, your thoughtful and unique gifts will help to transform their new house into their new home.

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