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How to choose the phone case that’s right for you


How to choose the phone case that’s right for you 

Practical, stylish and affordable, phone cases are an incredibly popular way to protect handsets and keeps smartphones out of harm’s way.
A variety of materials are available to choose from when it comes to creating your phone cover, each of which has its own unique protective qualities. 
Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect phone cover for your needs. 

Ultra lightweight 
At just 2mm think, this ultra lightweight option is perfect for people who want to keep the slimline appearance of their phone and not add any unnecessary weight or bulk to their device. 
Made from high quality polycarbonate, this robust case will consistently protect your phone from scratches, scuffs and accidental damage. 
Polycarbonate cases can easily be customised using photos or graphic designs, simply choose your favourite template from our selection, upload your chosen photos and drop them into place. 
Moulded plastic
Made from incredibly tough injection moulded plastic, this high performance cover wraps around your phone to protect it from every angle. Though they are a little more bulky than polycarbonate covers, moulded plastic cases provide even more protection, making them ideal for anyone who drops, scratches or scuffs their phone on a regular basis. 
Moulded plastic phone covers look great covered in photos and can handle a large number of images. Alternatively if you’re looking for a more professional look, customise your cover with a company logo, graphic design or illustration. 
Leather covers look smart, stylish and professional. The perfect choice for office workers, businesspeople and anyone else who wants a more formal look for their phone, a leather case will help your handset to look its very best. 
Like other phone covers, leather cases can be customised to suit your specific needs. Add a photo, company logo or graphic design to your cover to help it stand out from the crowd. 
As soon as you order your phone case, our expert team with get to work creating a cover just for you. When it’s ready, we’ll pop it straight in the post so that you can start enjoying your new cover as soon as possible. 
To find out more about selecting the perfect images for your phone cover or to learn all about our exciting range of products, have a look around the Mr Nutcase site today or get in touch with one of the friendly members of our team.

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